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15 Best Chatbots For Customer Service In 2021

Are you trying to boost your customer service through your website ??

Why don’t you try for something unique !!

Unique in a sense, like “Chatbots”, to improve your customer service.

There are various Chatbots that will help you to increase your conversion rate and attract more customers to your services.

These chatbots guarantee to improve your customer engagement on websites.

But before trying some chatbots to boost your website customer services.

Why don’t we have a look at what chatbots are free to use?

And how can they increase your customer’s engagement with your website?

Chatbots are like an online connection between a business and its customers.

Chatbots are designed as messaging software where humans and machines connect through apps or websites.

Benefits of Chatbots for Websites –

  • Notify customers based on their needs.
  • Generate more leads
  • Polite reply to customer queries
  • Instant and consistent responses to queries.

Nowadays, chatbots are trying their best to improve customer services. It has truly transformed the way of customer service. 

Before, people were not much aware of how to use chatbots. Now, everyone has become experts with chatbots.

How to Integrate with Chatbots to Boost Customer Service?

  • Be clear and concise.
  • Choose the channel to connect with customers.
  • Choose the technology
  • Create strategy and planning.
  • Train the chatbot well
  • Check how it operates

Now, let’s take a look at some top chatbots software to improve customer engagement to your website.

Best Chatbots For Customer Service

1. Smith.AI


Smith.AI chatbots is one the quick & user-friendly ways to generate leads.

Features of Smith.AI –

  • Generate leads        
  • 24/7 WorldWide Service
  • Mobile Optimized                             
  • Facebook Messenger Answering  
  • Custom branding and Color
  • Mobile Notification                            
  • Free Spam Blocking
  • CRM Integration                                 
  • Multi-channel support
  • Multi-lingual support                                    
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Robust Dashboard                              
  • Live Receptionist and Chat
  • Schedule appointment                
  • Software Integration

Advantages of using Smith.AI –

  • User Friendly 
  • Integration with various tools
  • AI featured
  • Available 24/7
  • Satisfy customer service
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Cost-effective

 Disadvantages of using Smith.AI –

  • Lack of emotions
  • Require Maintenance
  • Difficult to create

Pricing – 

Pricing starts at $140.00 per month.

Basic: $300/month.

Pro: $600/month

2. MobileMonkey


MobileMonkey is a platform to create, manage and promote their brands with AI chatbots. 

Features of MobileMonkey –

  • A simple ChatBot Builder
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Live chat
  • Integrate Facebook ads
  • Messaging automation
  • Works  on various messaging platforms at same time

Advantages of MobileMonkey –

  • Webinars every day
  • Live chat takeover
  • chatbot analysis and reports
  • Push notifications
  • Powerful lead generation
  • Messaging automation
  • Clean interface

Disadvantages of MobileMonkey –

  • No local marketing
  • had to keep update user interface 

Pricing –

It is a free version.

This chatbot also has paid plans.

Pro at $9/month

Pro Unicorn at $19/month

WP-PRO at $48/month

Team at $99/month.

3. Collect.Chat


Collect.Chat collects data from your website when visitors ask questions every time.

Features –

  • Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Available 24/7
  • High Conversion
  • Integrate with other apps
  • Manages negative feedback 
  • Text Analysis
  • Take UX to the next level

Advantages of using Collect.Chat –

  • Increase conversions
  • 24/7 support 
  • Instant notifications
  • Grow email lists
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Email notification
  • Allow to set appointments
  • Notify about leads to team
  • Free version 

Disadvantages of Collect.Chat –

  • Lack to add a human photo 


Collect.chat provides a free plan.

  • Lite- $24/month
  • Standard: $49/month
  • Plus: $99/month

4. ItsAlive


ItsAlive provides custom services for brands and agencies.

This chatbot has many features that make it unique from other platforms.

Features –

  • Recipe workflows
  • Persistent Menu
  • Broadcast automated messages 
  • Facebook Messenger bot builder
  • Unanswered questions tab
  • Intercom integration
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Analytics dashboard

Pros –

  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Simple to build chatbots
  • Build, manage, optimize, and track performances.
  • Build automated conversations
  • plan your strategy
  • Offers custom integration
  • Share with the audience
  • analyze performance.

Cons –

  • Unable to open all features
  • Lack bird’s eye view feature

Pricing –

Starts from $19.00 per month.

5. Botsify


Botsify is an AI platform that builds chatbots with no coding system.

Features –

  • Video bot builder and editor
  • templates
  • Store user data
  • AI/machine learning
  • Keyword auto-responses
  • Multilingual support
  • Send email notification
  • Integrate with other business 

Pros –

  • Quick and easy to set up 
  • Basic MI features
  • Basic analytics

Cons –

  • No multi-channel marketing features 

Pricing –

 After a free 14-day trial, 

Start at $50/mo  to $300/mo

6. Streebo


Streebo is a  platform that builds chatbots to engage customers without any code.

Features –

  • Build voice-enabled chatbots
  • Provide precise conversation
  • Build secure and customized chatbots

Pros –

  • build chat assistants 
  • Use of fewer codes 
  • Increase conversion rate

Cons –

  • Create confusion among business and vendors

Pricing –

Starting from $35per month.

7. Bold360


Bold360 is a platform that delivers great customer engagement to businesses. It provides insights to work with multiple channels in no time.

Features –

  • Provide a better experience to customers.
  • solves customer’s problems.
  • Powerful chatbot and automation
  • Helps customers across various channels and connects them to business.
  • Provide Chat History

Pros –

  • long list of features.
  • Enable the processing logic

Cons –

  • Outdated security features
  • Complex Integrations

Pricing –

 You are required to contact the company for more information.

8. FreshDesk


Freshdesk is a solution for customer service for both small and large businesses.

Features –

  • Email and chat support solutions
  • Omnichannel
  • AI & self-service
  • Dashboard with long list of features
  • Reporting and analytics

Pros –

  • Streamline customer conversation simultaneously
  • Save time and repetitive work
  • Great team collaboration

Cons –

  • Provide late notifications in time
  • Poor dashboard

Pricing –

Starts at $15 / month to $109 / per month.

9. DialogFlow


DialogFlow is a platform for businesses that provides huge customer bases.

Features –

  • Integration with various channels
  • Multilingual  support
  • Cross-platform support
  • Prebuilt chat Agent 

Pros –

  • Efficient coding
  • handle small talks
  • develop AI-powered apps 

Cons –

  • Lack of languages support.

Pricing –

DialogFlow has a free plan available. 

There is also a paid plan available

10. Gobot


Gobot is a platform that satisfies quick, correct, and repetitive questions.

Features –

  • Free to use
  • Generate  leads
  • Book meetings of business
  • Integration with multiple channels
  • Real-time translation
  • Automatic replies 
  • Automated messages

Pros –

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Free to use
  • Answer to queries faster
  • Grow email/SMS list
  • Automate AI support
  • One-on-one conversations 

Cons –

  • Complex to use

Pricing –

Free to use. 

11. Flow XO

Flow XO

Flow XO is a chatbot platform to create bots without any coding system. 

You can even use this chatbot on any websites and apps.

Features –

  • Virtual welcomes by providing greetings
  • Lead capture tools
  • Live chat
  • Answer simple questions
  • Accept payments 

Pros –

  • No need for coding skill
  • Easy and simple UI
  • Integration with multiple platforms

Cons –

  • create difficulties while creating a bot in a time.

Pricing –

Starting at $19/month to $25/month.

12. LivePerson


LivePerson is a platform to develop and deliver improved messages across many networks.

Features –

  • Messaging marketing
  • voice marketing
  • Video chatbot builder
  • AI tools for insights
  • API interface
  • Pre-built interface
  • Interactive conversations

Pros –

  • Create campaigns for multiple channels
  • Provide strategy
  • 24/7 support
  • Provide data security

Cons –

  • Not suitable for small businesses
  • only beneficial for large businesses

Pricing –

Based on requirements and needs.

13. ActiveChat


ActiveChat is a platform built for eCommerce and for customer service.

This chatbot boosts customer service.

Features –

  • Integrate with multi-channels and e-commerce channels
  • CRM integration
  • Visual chatbot builder
  • provide Live chat support

Pros –

  • Easy to get 
  • Add timers
  • provide eCommerce tools.

Cons –

  • High pricing
  • lack many features in free version

Pricing –

Starts from $19 a month with up to  $249/mo.

14. LiveChat


LiveChat is a chatbot platform that supports live chat on any website.

Features –

  • Can work with web and mobile apps
  • Chat window customization
  • Provide overall Reports and analytics
  • Track sales and business goals
  • Integration with other systems

Pros –

  • Feature-rich platform
  • Many integrations
  • Good design
  • FAQS predefined responses
  • Customized chat widget

Cons –

  • Bad  toolset
  • High pricing
  • Lack multilingual support

Pricing –

Starts from $19/mo and more based on needs. 

15. Intercom


Intercom is a platform to generate leads, provide customers satisfaction.

Features –

  • Native mobile applications
  • Prebuilt messaging
  • Store visitor’s data 
  • Integration with other business systems

Pros –

  • Robust platform
  • Supports  live chat
  • Create custom chatbots
  • Live chat support

Cons –

  • Limited use
  • Expensive 
  • Non-flexible pricing model
  • only chats for customer support 

Pricing –

Starting from $1000 per/m or more.

How to Choose the Right Chatbots for Your Business?

For any website to boost customer service, you need to choose a  platform with robust features that provide 24/7 customer support.

  • Make sure you look for the features  based on needs
  • Choose the best that fits your budget
  • Understand which maintains the bot.

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