What is Beacon Technology and How It Can Boost Marketing & Promotion?

Since beacon technology has emerged in the market, it has drawn the huge attention of both people and businesses. Apple first introduced iBeacon-technology in 2013, and it seemed to all that this would become a new way of connecting with customers. Though, over the time, slow progress has been witnessed in this space. While its market was expected to drive $44 billion in sales, the statistics are quite below the expected borderline.

In contemporary episodes, when every business wants reliable provisions that can enable them to contact potential buyers in any possible way. Beacons have shown a gleaming ray of hope to the businesses. Let’s take a glimpse at how this technology can aid businesses in marketing and promotion.

What is Beacon Technology?

Beacon is the most recent advancement in the technology space that is allowing businesses to connect with potential buyers strolling in their vicinity. It enables businesses to send personalized messages about products, services, promotions, and other cutting-edge information.


Basically, this technology involves simple and compact devices that can be placed in different locations to gain reach to consumers over a wireless network. Thus, this is going to bring a new tide of proximity marketing.

While this device emits a signal that reaches to the devices consumers carry with them, on which it establishes a connection. This connection is basically one way that is readable by Bluetooth low-energy devices including smartphones and tablets.

The signals that these small transmitters like devices(beacons) emit include their absolute location o. Altogether, it enables the tracking of people in that specific location because it connects to the person’s device. The application (on the consumer smartphone) that establishes a connection with it, reads the particular signal coming from this device and takes appropriate action.

However, these devices are required to be in the proximity of a beacon to receive the information or send it- this might be considered as a note that the potential consumer has arrived in the location, and now it is time to approach them with the best deals and offers.

Beacon Technology Working Process

Kontakt.io, Samsung, Bluvision Inc., Onyx Beacon Ltd., Apple Inc., ROXIMITY, Aruba, Accent Advanced Systems, Qualcomm, and Accent Advanced Systems are the major market players.

Apart from all of these, the latest arrival in this space is Google Beacon. This device is ready to benefit businesses in every possible way. Surely, you would be thinking that what is it and how it can benefit your business. Here glean insights into it.

What is Google Beacon- A New Dawn in the Market

As this technology is growing mature, it is high time for businesses like restaurants, retailers, and others to deploy it. Therefore, Google Beacon is opening new doors of opportunities to all.

It is a small battery-powered device that is based on this technology and transmits and receives signals from Bluetooth-enabled low-energy devices. This device can ease down the hassle coming in the way to integrate beacons in the business vertex.

This small device enables you to broadcast the information to receptive smart devices in the proximity of your business outlets and draws customers to your brand. Besides, a business can send updates and deal notifications to consumers.

Google’s this device is based on the same technology that is being used in third-party beacons. The company published a new and open format for BLE beacons in 2015 that anyone can utilize. It was called Eddystone.

Google Beacon consists of the following components:

  1. The major component is Eddystone which is an open beacon format and works with iOS and Android.
  2. Nearby API that manages beacon scanning on Android and iOS applications.
  3. Proximity Beacon API that infuses Google products with business apps.

While Eddystone is the most significant part of this system just because it doesn’t need an app to work.

How Google Beacon is Useful for Your Business?

Beacon is greatly useful for your business as they enable you to send messages to your customers. In short, it provides a channel where you can communicate with your customers. While it is based on low-energy Bluetooth, it doesn’t mean that mobile devices need to be paired with GoogleBeacon. your customers don’t have to connect their phones to it.

This device establishes a connection automatically and sends the signal to the devices of customers strolling within the range of this small device.

More succinctly, Google Beacon is a small device that can stick on the ceiling or shelf in your business outlet’s premises. This leverages Bluetooth to send a one-way signal to the devices of customers. It only broadcasts the information and doesn’t gather any data from the customer’s device.

Moreover, businesses can get enhanced location-based information and can it to the customer.

As per Google, if the location services are enabled on their phone and on the basis of the number of customers arriving at your business, the GoogleBeacon can send different types of information on the device of your customers, including :

  1. Reviews of customers and content like photos from customers who’ve visited your business.
  2. Prompts to enable them to review your business on Google.
  3. Notifying about your business outlet information when they are nearby.
  4. Other information features.

Google Beacon Enhances the Location Insights

If you think it can only send the information to your customers then you are mistaken, as it can also provide better insights and analytics information. This comes under the location insight pilot program. Here are the insights that you can acquire through it:

  • Insight on when people visit your outlet consisting of busiest time.
  • Data about the time duration customers spend at your business.
  • Information on how frequently customers visit your business and more.
    Indeed, this insight can improve your marketing and promotion endeavors, and helps in drawing more customers.

How to Set Up Google Beacon?

Setting up Google beacon isn’t a complex task as it can be deployed simply without any extra setup. Here is the complete guide on it.

  1. After removing it from the package, you don’t need to turn it ON, as it automatically happens.
  2. No need for any extra hardware, as it has its own long-life batteries and an adhesive that keeps it attached to any surface.
  3. It is recommended to attach the beacon to the ceiling, and it must be away from any external of shared walls. Attaching it under an upper display shelf or the bottom side of the display table can also work.
  4. Now activate it. You can locate the activation code on the address label of the package. If you are not able to find the code, don’t fret!, as Google can activate the beacon with your business name and zip code.

While Google Beacon is the most convenient way to integrate proximity marketing, it is evident that the use of beacon technology will expand. Already, there are several business verticals that are leveraging it differently.

Enterprises are also exploring ways to integrate beacons into organizations to make communication easier. Moreover, you can verify several successful beacon use cases around the world. Retail businesses are utilizing these beacons to attract more customers and improve in-store conversion rates and run different loyalty programs.

The most astonishing usage of the beacon can be witnessed in the transportation industry including railway and buses, where the beacons are being used to push notifications about the bus/train schedules. While Changi airport is using beacons to automate immigration checks.

Altogether, many more examples can be seen. Indeed, this technology is outstanding and can improve customer experience. Moreover, you can create more effective marketing and promotion campaigns to increase sales and boost revenue generation.

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