Why Is Social Listening Worth Adopting in Your Digital Marketing Practice?

Have you heard about social listening before? There is a massive hype about this concept in the market today. Marketers are telling that this can be the most useful thing to boost the result of digital marketing. 

The more people are aware of this concept, the more benefits of this aspect are pooping out from heads. Wait! Haven’t you heard about it? Don’t panic! Keep on reading to know the secrets of social listening. 

What is social listening? 

Can you guess anything what it all about?

Yes! You are right; it is about social media platforms but not listening through headphones. Social listening is a modern practice of tracking the occurrence of certain words, queries, and phrases over both social media and the web. It also includes data analysis for that particular attribute. 

This practice allows you to track typical words such as brand names, product names, and everything you want. Altogether, there is much more can be done through it, such as your competitors, campaign hashtags, industry, queries like who are looking for a home in Sydney, and more. 

“The social listening practice is not concentrated on social media platforms at all, it includes listening through websites, forums, blogs, and everything available on the web. You can monitor everything happening on the internet based on your interest. “

If you are fledgling to digital marketing, it can be a bit confusing as it happens in many ways, including social media measurement, buzz analysis, social media intelligence, brand tracking, and monitoring over social media platforms.  

Ohhh! Don’t misunderstand them, these terms seem interchangeable and referring a single aspect, but they all are different in functionality.

Businesses can use these practices with the help of the best digital marketing agency deft in web marketing, planning & ROI generation. 

Why Is Social Listening Important? 

When digital marketing is a significant tactic to draw customers online, social media platforms are tools that allow you to make a huge impact on your target audience. Thus, every business spends a great sum of money in social media engagement.  

Though, it is hard to tell that your product getting enough hype or not. There was not a tool earlier that can help you analyze what gaining huge traction on social media. Hashtags are indications for the short run, but it was still hard to figure out who is talking about social media more frequently. 

It is essential to comprehend what your target audience is looking for and talking about more frequently to wring the most out of social media campaigns. Altogether, your competitor sitting in other parts of the world are being discussed how often on social media also impossible to know. 

Here comes in social listening, which allows you to get all this data to improve your social media strategies. Digital marketing agencies know the value of this insight, thus encouraging businesses to leverage this process to succeed in the current market. 

Many businesses inquire about this practice’s benefits, and why must they consider social listening in their digital marketing and SEO strategy? Let’s find out the answer. 

Benefits Of Social Listening In Digital Marketing Practice 

benefits of social listening 2

Social listening provides you invaluable insight into your target audience, customers, competitors, and market: you give it a thought and can realize millions of benefits of this practice. 

Moreover, here are some tried & tested the benefits of using social media data. 

1. Customers like to get a response 

The social media platform is very vast, and it is hard for businesses to respond to each customer. Despite this, customers are eager to be heard on social media. As per research, 68% of people admire when companies join the conversation. 

Indeed, being responsive on social media is a significant tactic to ensure engagement. Around 50% of customers online like to purchase from brands that provide responses to their customers on social media. Social listening helps you write value-oriented responses and create loyalty and increase customer retention rates.  

2. Reputation management 

Social media dramatically impacts your brand’s reputation, and social listening can help find everything degrading your reputation. It is the major reason expert digital marketing agency are leveraging the potential of social listening. 

You can monitor everything that includes your brand name from posts to comments to track your reputation, and take defensive actions to transform sentiments to avert defamation. 

3.  Acquire more customers 

Social media has no limit of users; each day, they get a huge influx of users. Similarly, they have several opportunities to enlarge your reach to prospects. With social listening, you can discover different kinds of content that mention you and follow for enjoying posts, hashtags, and shares. 

It enables you to craft thoughtful content with relevancy and up to their taste to acquire them as a valued customer. 

4. Lead generation & sales 

Lead generation is the primary reason businesses use social listening applications. There are social listening platforms that offer social selling add-ons to aid businesses in discovering customers on social media. 

However, some businesses use Boolean search to find prospects due to flexibility and advanced search methods. Boolean logic is helpful in creating complex queries. 

5. Competitor analysis  

The most admired and cherished perk of social listening is that it allows you to know about your competition on social media channels, forums, media, and discussion boards. 

When it comes to competitor analysis, it’s an irreplaceable kind of intelligence which includes: Share of Voice and brand metrics against you. It allows you to discover aspects of your competitors’ customers’ likes & dislikes and their products. 

Social Listening Tools For Best Practice 

Now comes the most useful information to glance at. Here are the best social listening tools you can use this year to boost your marketing. 

  1. Awario
  2. Tweetdeck
  3. Agorapulse
  4. Keyhole
  5. Brandwatch
  6. Mention

These are the best social listening tools in 2020 you can pick to gain the most valuable insight. 

Facts Speak Themselves 

“Social listening nothing more than a boon for brands failing to manage their social media reputation, and draw customers. “

This tactic can allow businesses to leverage web potential to the fullest and leverage social network in unique ways to create more sales and grow successful. If you want to use this practice, connect with a digital marketing agency deft to create social media strategies for the best ROI.

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