7 Ways You Can Get New Clients To Your Business

Whether you are a B2B business person or a marketing expert, getting clients would be your major concern. While the race continues in the space of B2B businesses like consulting services, software engineering, marketing, and many others. 

For startups, it is pretty offending to get the first client and keep on growing their client list. Especially when you don’t have contacts with business leaders, the journey to get your first client can be a bit long and frustrating. It is also discouraging, when you don’t know the way you can get new clients for your business. 

Thus, I have decided to help you with some foolproof tactics that can help you get your first/new client. So, stay hooked with me here. 

7 Mind-Blowing Ways To Get First/New Clients To Your Business 

#1. Leverage LinkedIn Connections 

LinkedIn’s community is the best place to get your first client. This platform is greatly being used for getting B2B connection and sales; you can also use this community to get your clients. 

Today, both freelancers and consulting businesses are enthusiastically using this community to get valuable connections. You must be thinking “how can you use this platform?” Well! It is easy to do this. First, you have to increase the number of connections on your LinkedIn profiles. 

Make a new connection, send them greeting messages while they connect with you. It may help you make a positive impression. Possibly, you may get a good conversation with these prospects, and any of them can turn out your first client. 

Otherwise, leave your connection with a note (personal message) that tells about your expertise and area of excellence. It will allow them to recognize you as the field expert, and they can refer you to a client or get in touch (in case they are looking for the same services). 

But! Make connections wisely. Moreover, you can take help from a lead generation agency to exploit the potential of this platform. 

Get New Clients

#2. Bid On Freelance Work Websites

These days, the most sought-after and popular way to get clients is ” bidding on freelance work websites”. These platforms are brimming with businesses that are looking for deft people who can take up the project and perform the task in less time and less money. 

Leveraging these platforms for getting you new clients can turn out a Jackpot strategy. For this; you can exploit Freelancers, Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and many others. Moreover, this allows making a good connection with clients over these platforms. 

#3. Make A Landing Page/Website & Do Paid Marketing 

Today, people go on the internet to buy even a pen. Thus, it is essential that you have a digital identity (either a landing page or website). The website or landing page allows you to rank in searches of prospect users. 

Altogether, leveraging paid marketing such as Pay Per Click, Google Ads can help you attract new clients. While SEO helps in organic ranking, paid ad services of Google enable you to appear on first pages in the searches of users (based on keywords), 

Leveraging this tactic to get new clients can bestow you with so many qualified prospects. Though, you must ensure that your landing page includes an engaging and catchy description of your services. 

#4. Get Partners 

Whether you are a software outsourcing company or a property dealer, partnering with other business owners can help you exchange referrals and boost business revenue. 

Thus, you must think about partnerships with other businesses to your niche. Especially with small businesses, as they lack resources and expertise and need a helping hand to carry out tasks. 

Making such a partnership, you can help them grow by ensuring growth for your organization. Altogether, partnering with market leaders is critical as they bring in projects & work that accounts for a great profit and new connection for more business. 

#5. Penetrate Networking Communities 

Today, businesses are leveraging business networking communities greatly to get clients. In this list, major channels are Yelp, Trello, GoodFirms, Business.com, Angel’s List, and many others. 

Enlisting your business to these communities can help you bring in your first client. As these channels are brimming with a huge audience excelling in different types of businesses, probably many of them would be looking for services similar to yours, and they get to encounter you. 

Thus, Ads promotions on Yelp, engagement on Trello, and other forums are essential. 

#6. Provide Your Services For Free 

Yes! You heard FREE. 

This word is a hack in itself. Who doesn’t want to get anything free? 

People always get attracted to free services and products. Thus, reach out to someone that requires aid ( concerning your service) and do it in exchange for just a testimonial. 

This way, you can get your first clients, as many people will say “yes”. Though, you will have to convenience many, as it is hard to trust for clients sometimes even if everything is free.  

But! Remember that you ask for testimonials decently, as it will help you get more clients in the future. And! If you have got lucky, then you can get some referrals as well. 

#7. Infusing Lead Magnet And Send Cold Emails

Emails are the best way to reach out to the prospects by leaving a personalized message in their Inbox. You must be thinking “how could you get email contacts?” 

There are so many ways you can do it. Creating an email capturing lead magnet could help you. Here your landing page, your blog, or your eBook can work like a magnet that can enable you to get an email list for prospects. 

Another way to get emails is to use Google to find businesses’ contact information. This is termed as data mining for business prospects as you extract the data of clients related to specific industries. Moreover, there are many paid tools that allow you to get data for email. 

Once you made up a list of email contacts, categorize them and craft a cold and attractive email that lets them know about your services ( It is better if you send them a lucrative deal such as Free services). Infusing, clear CTAs allows you to respond to your business. There you win the game!

So, ready to use these strategies? 

Wrapping Up

 While businesses are enthusiastically leveraging online marketing channels to get clients, it is hard for startups and SMEs to get clients with ease. Thus, you must take proactive actions that can gain prospects’ attention, and they agree upon giving your assistance a try. 

In this endeavor, you can take help from a marketing planning and lead generation agency with expertise in startup launch and business reinvention. The year 2020 has brought various unexpected challenges to small and medium-sized businesses, digital adoption, and rethinking your business with the modern approach is essential to get new clients and revenue generation. 

Thus, it is recommended that you connect with expert marketers and strategies to leverage modern trends to thrive.

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