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15 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools For 2021

Over the years, customers’ mindset has changed with the evolving process of marketing strategies. With the internet at our fingertips, people now are better informed about the quality and value of the things they spend their money on. 

Many customers see straight through informative and genuinely helpful content about any products they want to purchase. That’s where content marketing becomes necessary. 

Behind every great brand, there is a valuable and relevant content that really connects with the company’s audience. 

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, engaging contents to attract targeted audiences and promote a brand.

This form of marketing increases consumer interest in an organization’s product or service.

The main focus of content marketing is the more value and knowledge you provide to customers, the more they will purchase your products and services.

Importance Of Content Marketing-

  • It improves brand reputation by building trust.
  • Improve in conversion rate.
  • It helps improve your SEO efforts.
  • Cost-effective in generating leads.
  • It helps you stand apart from competitors

With all these benefits, you can have some idea on why content marketing is important for businesses of all sizes. Content marketing not only helps you to boost visibility but also helps you build stronger relationships with your leads and customers.

To make content marketing a success, you need tools to make it possible. There are various analytical tools used for various purposes.

But how will you know amongst these hundreds of tools is worth trying !!

This article will help you clarify all your doubts to choose the right tool to identify your target audiences. We have outlined the 15 best content marketing tools in 2021 for promoting your content and attracting your targeted audiences.

Let’s check out…

The Best 15 Tools Of Content Marketing

1. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a tool that can raise businesses KPIs faster and easier. 

This tool finds viral topic ideas, analyzes your competitors, and connects with influencers, and more.

Features of BuzzSumo

  • Content Discovery
  • Content Creation
  • Content Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social backlinks
  • Content analysis reports
  • Complete social network overview
  • Open API
  • Author tracking & notification
  • Link alerts
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Content discovery
  • Question analyzer

Why use BuzzSumo?

  • Generate topic ideas for your next posts
  • Stay up to date with the latest content strategy
  • Look for influencers in your niche
  • Identify content use by your competitors.
  • Monitor for brand mentions

How to use BuzzSumo?

  • Develop your content plan
  • Find some trending topics 
  • Developing Content Ideas 
  • Research on your competitors
  • Analyze your competitor’s content 
  • Connect with Influencers
  • Find the best channels to promote 

Using BuzzSumo can boost your content marketing strategy by creating alerts about you or your competitors.

2. HubSpot 


HubSpot is an inbound tool that attracts visitors and converts those visitors into customers.


  • Log and track emails 
  • Create email templates
  • Create and share Meetings links
  • Create and use snippets
  • Enroll contacts in an order

Why use HubSpot?

  • All-in-one Platform
  • Offers inbound marketing strategy
  • User Friendly
  • Keep buyers’ personas intact
  • Marketing tools at your fingertips

How to use HubSpot?

  • Define your buyer profile
  • Identify your qualified leads 
  • Set up your Lifecycle Stages 
  • Define Service Level Agreements

3. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a marketing tool that needs to increase and monitor the organic reach of a brand. 

This tool finds content ideas for website traffic. 


  • Straightforward, easy to use, and fast
  • Robust Dashboard
  • Keyword research
  • Track Rankings
  • Content research

Why use Ahrefs?

  • Improve your SEO 
  • Analyse the competitors’ pages.
  • Increases organic traffic 
  • Helps you learn who your competitors are

How to use Ahrefs for Content Marketing?

  • Find new keywords to target
  • Find high performing industry content
  • Find ideas for linkable content
  • Discover high-performing Pinterest content
  • Discover popular quora questions

4. Trello


Trello is a tool used for managing projects and use for many purposes. 


  • Inspect overall  of Front/Back Cards
  • Easy to edit
  • Sequel Editing
  • Easy Organizing tags and comments
  • Keep Alerts and Notifications
  • Mobile-Friendly 

Why use Trello?

  • Less complex pricing structure
  • Report when a deadline nears
  • Trello follows the Kanban system
  • Instant Notification

How to use Trello?

  • Build your content strategy in a spreadsheet/document
  • Define lifecycle stages in Trello 
  • Build  labels based on needs
  • Create templates for articles
  • Use Trello with your team members everyday

5. UberFlip


UberFlip is a tool to boost engagement and to generate new leads. 

This tool can assist in achieving goals and improve business.


  • Monitor and manage content in one place.
  • Turn PDFs to  interactive Flipbooks
  • Lead generation tool
  • Create CTA
  • Provide detailed metrics
  • Add engagement
  • Journey Acceleration 


  • Collects onpage data 
  • Optimize  content 
  • Personalized Offerings
  • An Intuitive Environment
  • Easy ways to engage

How to use UberFlip?

  • Gather  content in one place
  • Check your content precisely
  • Make use of back-end tags
  • Create content for your audience
  • Share it on social media, email, etc.
  • Make use the SEO tools 
  • Look for which content being visited,  shared, and distributed
  • Look for recommended content from your dashboard 

Uberflip organizes your content in a format which indirectly generates more leads and boosts engagement. 

6. Pexels


Pexels is the only tool providing free images to their users.

Pexels collects tons of professional images. Users can search for unique visual features in pexels.


  • Full RGB
  • Orientation sensation
  • Customizable
  • Standard size

You can create hundreds of free images with pexels.

7. Piktochart


Piktochart is a video maker that turns content into a visual story for targeted audiences.


  • Innovative
  • Flexible design.
  • Icons and images.
  • Charts and maps
  • Readymade graphics

Benefits of using Piktochart-

  • Rich design toolkit
  • Easy to Use
  • Versatile Application

8.  Canva


Canva is a graphic design tool to create for various purposes to use in social media.


  • Photo filters
  • Stock vectors & photographs
  • Icons, shapes & elements
  • Presentations
  • Multiple document types
  • Graphs, mind maps, charts, & diagrams
  • Collaborate with partners
  • Color code thoughts and ideas
  • Blog and website posts
  • Cards and invitations


  • Super simple and intuitive
  • Free 
  • Upload pictures to a custom template
  • Saves all your designs
  • Has preset sizes and templates for social media posts and many more.

9. Loom


Loom is a communication tool that provides more information with a richer visual context to any business.


  • Browser-based extension for the cloud
  • Install into Chrome Browser
  • Record screen, videos, etc.
  • Share custom videos.
  • Monitor video content.


  • Easy communication
  • Solves time differences and logistical issues
  • Share more thoughts and ideas
  • De-escalates frustrated or upset clients

10. Wordable


Wordable is a tool where Google Docs are passed on to a WordPress post or page in a  faster way. 


  • Group posting
  • Collaborative writing
  • Rich text editing
  • Post management


  • Easy formatting text and images
  • Saves time
  • Easily connects to WordPress

11. Convert Pro

Convert Pro

Convert Pro is a highly optimized & structured tool for high performance that increases conversion rate.

This tool helps to convert traffic to qualified leads to a website.


  • Specific mobile editor
  • Drag and Drop Customization
  • Cloud Technology
  • Ready to use templates
  • A/B Testing


  • Powerful lead generation tool
  • Ability to create unique designs
  • Ease to use
  • 100% Mobile friendly
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Super fast loading
  • Integration with most platforms
  • Easy A/B Testing

All the designs created using this plugin are user friendly. 

By using  Convert Pro, you can create customized chats at the right time, for the right audience.

12. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows businesses to monitor how users experience while navigating their website pages. 

Businesses use this tool to generate traffic, popular landing pages, for conversion rate and page views.


  • Identify target audiences
  • Geolocation
  • Keyword referrals
  • Traffic reporting
  • Customer alert
  • Behavior Flow


  • Understand your first impression.
  • Figure out where your target audiences are from.
  • Track rankings in other search engines.
  • Set your clear business goals.
  • Easy to learn about keywords.
  • Inspect your competition.
  • Get your targeted audiences

How to use Google Analytics?

  • Create a marketing plan 
  • set your goals
  • Optimize your site speed
  • Identify your target audience, 
  • Determine channels used by the target audience
  • Publish your content
  • Measure success of the strategy. 
  • Establish your KPIs
  • Track your business ROI

13. AnswerThePublic


AnswerThePublic is a  keyword tool that generates many keywords and content ideas in visual form from multiple search engines.


  • Automatically saves the reports
  • Get new keyword ideas
  • Access to high-resolution images
  • Customer support


  • Tool for keyword research 
  • Provide new topic ideas
  • Easy to use
  • Offers a free plan

14. HootSuite


Hootsuite is a tool that manages and tracks multiple social media accounts within a custom dashboard.


  • Scheduling posts
  • Content Curation
  • Social media analytics
  • Apps and Integration
  • Geosearch


  • Monitor Multiple Social Media Streams in One Place
  • Schedule Posts in Advance
  • Easily View Analytics Data
  • Allows You to Share Information Easily
  • Social Media Listening
  • Manage Customer Service on Social Media Efficiently
  • Team Collaboration

How to use Hootsuite?

  • Choose a plan
  • Start a trial or request a demo
  • Connect your social accounts
  • Monitor and engage with social accounts
  • Help to create, schedule, and publish your content
  • Manage all your upcoming posts in a calendar

15. QuestionDB


QuestionDB is a keyword tool for growing a blog. 

This tool allows you to rephrase your keywords accordingly. 

Why use QuestionDB?

  • Use keywords into questions.
  • Picks relevant questions for keywords
  • Create unique content.
  • Increases your traffic. 


  • Immense information Storage
  • SEO Potency
  • Easy and straightforward UI

Through QuestionDB, you can create unique content that increases your traffic.

So, you have come across some efficient marketing tools to use in 2021.

In order to create the perfect user experience and for increasing the visibility of content, choose the right tool that can help you to raise your ranking.

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