The Ultimate Guide To Repurposing Video Content For SEO

Marketing experts always assert that to grow your business organically you need to create quality content. Thus, content repurposing is a popular tactic among marketers.

But! This is the age of choosing. People decide what is good and valuable for them. They become less respective to basic content that doesn’t provide new perspectives. 

Therefore, you need to make content on the topics native to the defined niche and dedicated to users’ interests. 

But it is very difficult to write a good brand new article again and again. Creating content is a big challenge for any business. You would need to spend a lot of time on it. 

To solve this issue you can take one content idea and turn it into multiple pieces and scale it across multiple platforms.

For the reference, “The secret to success isn’t working hard, it’s working smart.”

And to work smart here use one idea to create a lot of marketing content, it is also known as content repurposing. There are many ways to repurpose content to make multiple copies to get the most out of your content.

Use Videos:

To your surprise, one video can give you hundreds of multiple copies of your content. Yes! You can repurpose video content.

For one article you need a lot of work to do, like hiring content writers and if you do it yourself, writing drafts, and then editing can take a lot of time. 

Instead of focusing on other aspects of your business, you’ll have to do more work on writing good content.

We have a better idea to save your time. You can record the ideas that you have and use transcription software to turn them into written form. 

According to different researches, an average person writes at 41 WPM but speaks at 150 WPM.

Using a transcription strategy can help you create quality content faster than writing it yourself. Although in this process, you’ll need to invest your time and efforts, it is the best method to use for people like me who love to speak.

If you have a video on a relevant topic, You can repurpose your one video into individual pieces of content. The main purpose here will be the same as in writing for content marketing, grabbing people’s attention, and marketing your brand. 

Video marketing is the best way to scale your content across different platforms. Record one video and then use it for a lot of purposes.

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Here is the step by step process to successfully use this strategy:

Content Repurposing- Make Most Out Of Your Content

Make sure to plan everything before starting. There is no doubt quality content can attract a lot of clients to your business. To make the most out of your content follow these steps:

  • Pick An Attention-gaining topic:

Using a catchy topic for your content can drive traffic to your business. Before writing a blog do proper keywords research.

 Add those keywords in your topic that are most searched. It’ll help you rank better on search engines bringing a lot of people to your website. 

Altogether, catchy titles also draw attention while promoting on different platforms and direct traffic. That’s why it is very important to write catchy topics for your content to attract people.

  •  Create an outline for your blog:

Creating an outline for your blog will help you record the video in a proper structure. It’ll enable you to add every piece of information in your video properly. 

While recording you might forget some points or information that you wanted to add. But outlines won’t let you miss any important information. 

 Outlines make a transcription of the blog easier. If you properly outline your blog before recording, it’ll help you edit your blog easily.

Moreover, you’ll have a proper structure and you’ll just need to place your words in those particular places.

  •  Make your own engagement strategy:

To ensure distribution and engagement, it is critical to have an engagement strategy. From the opening line of your video to the final call to action. 

Thus, jotting down the flow of video and major dialogues is critical. Moreover, you need to understand that personal vlogging and corporate vlogging is completely different. 

For making videos on business-related topics, you need to ensure that you have complete information on the topic and your tone needs to be formal and interactive.  

While videos for entertainment can be casual and humorous. Remember, Before starting recording the videos think of all these things. Pre-planning will help you get the most out of your content.

  •  Record Your Video :

There is a lot of good software available for recording videos. You can use many of them for free.

 For example, Zoom. On zoom, you can record a video of yourself speaking, and then it gives you an audio file of it.

 The Loom is another best software for recording videos. It also supports other elements like PowerPoint presentations

 If you want to add them to your content to make your content more catchy.

  • Repurposing Video Into Content :

Transcribing one audio file takes more time than writing the content yourself. 

Thus, a transcription strategy to save your time will be a fail.

 But we have a solution for this, you can use transcription tools for your videos to convert into text.

.You just need to send your audio files to the transcription tools and they’ll send you back the transcription of your files within a few hours. 

There are many transcription tools available online for free like Rev and Transcribeme, that you can use and make multiple copies for SEO. 

  • Optimize your videos:

Now when you have all the content ready you just need to use some clever techniques on them. 

To ensure, you need to do multi-channel marketing of your videos. You need to repurpose videos by dividing them into various ways to post them on different platforms. 

This is the best way to turn your one content into multiple copies. You can utilize one video in different places to increase your brand awareness.

 And you won’t have to make different videos for every platform.  You can promote the short videos or promo of your video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms to direct traffic on your blog or YouTube channel. 

You can use different parts of your one video on all of these platforms. For example, you can use quotes from your videos to create text graphics. If you have transcribed a 5 minutes video to 2500 words you can: 

  • Post that 5 minutes video on YouTube.
  • You can take many 10 sec portions of that video to upload on Instagram 
  • You can also post that video on Facebook
  • You have those transcribed 2500 words to publish on LinkedIn and Google.
  • You can also take different sections of these 2500 words to create several posts on Twitter.

With just one video you can turn your content into 100+ copies. No doubt using videos for this process will give you crazy outcomes with a little investment of time.

  •  Promote The Content On Different Channels:

When you have finally done with content repurposing and have multiple copies of your content for different platforms, start distributing them on each platform respectively. 

Distributing your content on more than one platform gets you more and more clients. The more platforms you’ll use the more clients you’ll attract. 

This strategy is especially helpful for advertising your products, it’ll give products more exposure to clients, increasing your brand awareness. 

The number of people who missed your brand advertisement on Instagram might find that again on YouTube.

Wrapping Up 

The most effective way for successful marketing is to create engaging content but without spending a lot of time on it. 

Converting your content into multiple copies will help you create the most effective content without putting lots of effort into it.

 However, you need to keep checking your results. As people’s demand changes with time, keep tracking your audience’s behavior. 
This will help you understand that this strategy is working well for you or not. You can also take help from any content marketing agency to grow your business. They will help in creating content for your business and also manage marketing for you.

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