Best Tactics For Podcast Marketing In 2021

Do you think podcast marketing has become older now ??

Or you thought it won’t work for your business.

You are not right.

We still have the impact of podcast marketing in our business. It can never get older.

As we should never forget, Old is Gold.

Podcasts are marketing tactics to reach out to potential people who want to buy your products. A podcast is an audio program that examines a specific topic.

Podcasts have a huge impact over the last few years and their popularity continues to rise. 

From news to business, the categories of podcasts are endless.

Benefits of the best Podcast Marketing-

  • Can reach new audiences
  • Promote brand
  • Build strong relationships with customers

As you have come through what podcast is and the benefits of podcast marketing, let’s dive into how to use the best podcast marketing in 2021.

There are the best tactics for Podcast Marketing in 2021

  1. Choose a topic you love

Choosing the right topic for your podcast show can attract new audiences easily. 

There are good podcast ideas you could use.

Before writing a podcast topic, you need to ask yourself-

  • Who are your audiences?
  • What is your personal interest?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Can it be monetized?

Podcasts are an effective way to grow your audience, but how do you know what topics to cover? 

Let’s look into-

  • Start with something that interests you
  • Focus on your topic
  • Keep a track of what you discuss 
  • Ask your audience what topics they would love

One of the important tasks to do while podcast marketing is choosing the right topic. 

Finding the right topic can make your customer feel enjoyed.

  1. Create quality content

One of the biggest reasons to attract more audiences to your podcast marketing is of good quality content.

But do you have any idea how to create good quality content?

Few points on how to create quality content-
  • Talk about things that you are interested in.
  • Identify the audiences you want to target
  • Tell lots of funny, humour stories
  • Ask your listeners some interesting questions
  • Stay on the topic, don’t get distracted
  • Invite unique talents to your show
  • Invite guests to your show

Your listeners can tune in to your show every week, help it succeed by leaving positive reviews, and even can share your content with their friends.

  1. Pay attention to your titles and descriptions

Title and description are what makes the content look good. 

You need a good title and description to attract more listeners or customers to your podcast.

Let’s check how to create a good title and description
  • Don’t write too long titles and description
  • Make it look clear and to the point
  • Don’t make it look dull, use unique titles and description
  • Insert keywords
  • Be explanatory on the description part
  • Be SEO Friendly
  • Clearly explain what users can expect 
  1. Build your audiences 

When you start doing podcast marketing, you need to find and increase your audience /listeners. 

Make sure you have the right audiences for your podcast.

Ways to go about growing your podcast audience-
  • Improve podcast quality
  • Start with a great title
  • Appeal to your audience
  • Communicate with your audience
  • Attend podcast events or conferences
  • Listen to your audience.
  • Make use of strong CTA in your content
  • Experiment with different types of social media
  • Determine a list of your strengths and weaknesses 

Growing your audience for your podcast marketing will take some time. 

Start with these tips to build your audiences and track your results.

  1. Ask for opinions and questions to your listeners

Asking questions to your listeners can draw their attention.

There are some ways to ask opinions and questions to your listeners

  • Keep it positive
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Ask engaging questions to your listeners
  • Make your topic interesting by adding queries.
  • Pay attention to sensitive topics.
  • Know what your audience wants to learn

Creating questions for your podcast marketing is not easy easy, you need to be focused on your goal.

  1. Prepare your email pitch

Do you think an email pitch will be a good idea to promote your new podcast?

A good email pitch will be great.

But how to prepare a good email pitch?

  • Find the right contact
  • Choose the right time
  • Pick up the right subject
  • Make it personal but not too much
  • Provide social proof
  • State your purpose clearly
  • Follow up

The secret to getting a reply to an email is reaching out to the right person, at the right time, with interesting offers. 

  1. Be a guest on other podcasts

So, you might be thinking that this sounds great being a guest on other podcasts.

 But how to get started?

Being on podcasts can be easily seen and heard. You can promote your business through other podcasts as well.

How to be a guest on Podcast?
  • Do your research
  • Reach out to the other podcasts
  • Search for keywords
  • Attend events
  • Provide massive value
  1. Get your artwork created

First impressions really matter, when it comes to podcast marketing. 

Good podcast artwork can gain a lot of new listeners.

How to design good artwork?
  • Make sure it works in Apple Podcasts
  • Get Your Podcast Artwork Dimensions Right
  • Design for a variety of sizes
  • Don’t use too many words
  • Check-Out the Competition
  • Select good fonts for your content
  • Decide What Type of Images You’ll Use 
  • Avoid overused images
  • Be consistent
  • Make it eye-catching

These are some common design tools you can use-

  • Canva
  • Snappa
  • Stencil and more
  1. Be consistent with your schedules

Schedules for podcast marketing should be done timely and in an organized way.

Let’s look at how to be consistent with schedules

  • Reduced wasting time and energy
  • Develop discipline
  • Be realistic
  • Have the right mindset
  • Refine Habits
  • Keep a confirmed time to schedule your podcast
  • If possible prepare a night before
  • Set alarms

Having a consistent schedule is a simple way to get more out of your time each and every day for podcast marketing.

  1. Try to Promote Your Podcasts Using Other Channels

Any idea of how do people promote podcasts?

You can use multiple channels to promote your podcast marketing.

Using other channels basically means that you’re taking advantage of any platform to spread the word about your podcast.

It might be blogs,  social media accounts, your email lists, and even a dedicated landing page to drive traffic through social ads.

How to promote your podcasts through social media?
  • Choose the right platform
  • Build out your profile
  • Create quality and valuable content
  • Work on a content calendar
  • Share your episodes to social networks
  • Run a giveaway
  • Share quotes and short clips of your shows
  • Use the right hashtags
  • Do A/B testing

If you want to promote your podcast on other channels, you’ll have to invest a lot of time and energy.

  1. Do conversation not broadcast

Another tip of podcast marketing is to do conversations with your listeners.

Have conversations and exchange opinions with people instead of doing broadcasting to your audiences.

Conversations usually have a huge impact that keeps listeners engaged.

The impact of a podcast can only prove how impactful and effective conversations can be.

Make it more friendly and personal. Don’t make it look like a radio broadcasting channel.

  1.  Host giveaway

Giveaways have the power to go viral. 

You can give away that relates to your brand and the products and services you offer.

The more generic your giveaway, the more signups you’ll get even those who aren’t really interested. they just want to win.

You can host a giveaway on social media and choose your prizes and ticketing system. 

How to host a giveaway?

  • Define Your Giveaway
  • Make Giveaway Entries Simple And Appropriate
  • Stay On Budget 
  • Keep Track Of Entries.
  • Promote Your Giveaway
  • Be Up Front and Clear About Any T&C
  1. Connect with influencers

You might be wondering why you need influencers for your podcast marketing.

But, you actually need them.

Influencers are a great option to attract more customers to your podcast.

They can promote your podcast and gain more listeners through personal channels.

But how to find influencers?

  • Dive into social media platforms for influencers
  • Attend events and conferences
  • Know your influencers
  • Make a list of influencers
  1. Submit to directories

One way that people can reach your podcast is to give out it to multiple directories where people can reach you easily.

Listeners access podcasts via directories to reach out to audiences.

But remember one thing, you only need to submit podcasts once after releasing your first episode of the show.

After that, the directory registers your podcast and will be updated automatically whenever the episodes are released.

The more places your podcast is released, the more you’ll find new listeners and subscribers. 

There are some best podcast directories for your podcast marketing-

  • Apple Podcast
  • iTune
  • Stitcher
  • Spotify
  • Google podcast
  • Pandora

Wrapping up-

As we have come to the ending of how to do the best podcast marketing in 2021, keep all these tips or tactics in your mind before working on podcast marketing.

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