How To Do Effective Email Marketing In 2021?

At a time when digital marketing is enlarging to include dozens of new

platforms, email marketing remains the most effective digital marketing strategy. 

You can send advertisements and request business or donations using email marketing campaigns. 

Successful email marketing campaigns increase your sales and lead generation by attracting the audiences’ attention and keeping them engaged.

 It is the most productive marketing medium as the majority of people use emails almost every day. According to a study, 74% of teenagers and 90% of adults check their emails regularly

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of emails to promote brands and products. It helps to create a connection with your audience. 

Using emails you can send information about updates on the newsletter, deals for the subscribers, or exclusive sales. 

Email marketing is an inexpensive and easier way of internet marketing. That means small businesses can also do email marketing as it’s not just cheap but also the most effective marketing platform.

How Email Marketing Benefits The Business?

Email marketing plays a significant role in the engagement between your audience and your business. With a thoughtful method, you can make your emails resonate with the contacts in your audience. 

This means using email marketing for your small business can be the best way to grow your business. No matter what sort of audience you are targeting or where they live you can easily approach them with email. 

It’ll help you get more ROI, boosts sales, and promotes the growth of your brand. Around 90% of internet users use emails which means by using email marketing you can reach a huge audience. 

How To Do Email Marketing Effectively?

Effective email marketing can have some amazing effects on the growth of your business. Good marketing will help you get more clients. Here are the tips to do email marketing effectively.

1- Use A Good CTA:

Emails are incomplete without CTAs. 

CTA (call-to action) is a way to call your email readers to take actions. 

For example, you can write I have published a new blog to read click ‘here’. Now the place where you’ll write ‘here’ and add a link to your blog is CTA. 

Use a strong CTA in your emails to turn more leads into customers. But you have to create a very effective CTA. Basically, there are three elements of a CTA.

  • The Words

Avoid using general words on your CTAs like ‘download’ or ‘buy’. Use more action-oriented words like ‘Find the deal here’.

  • Design

To make your CTA prominent use a sharp color for your CTA. Use bold or another legible font for your words. If you think these things won’t make your CTA prominent then consider placing your CTA in a box.

  • Placement

Place your CTA at the end of your email. So after reading the whole email people can make a decision. You can also place it on two places, at the start and end of your email.

2- Create Engaging Content:

The main purpose of your email campaigns is to attract clients and for this, you need to create the compelling and engaging email content. This will help you reach your audience in real-time and increase your brand awareness.

 Follow these steps to create engaging and clear content for your audience: 

  • Don’t send very long emails and avoid adding irrelevant information in your emails. 
  • If you are using images in your emails, don’t forget to add ALP text. It’ll help search engines understand everything about the image and display images properly in your subscribers’ inbox. 
  • Make unsubscribing easy. If your unhappy clients won’t find the unsubscribe button, they might report your emails as spam.

3- Personalize Your Emails:

Personalizing your emails will make people believe that your content is especially for them. People like to get content that is relevant to them. It can help to increase your product sales incredibly. 

According to research:

Personalization can generate $20 ROI for every $1 investment.

This means if you are not using a personalizing method you are standing behind the competition.

For personalizing your emails don’t just add the names of your subscribers but try to add some information from their past experience.

For example, if you want to promote your newly launched product you can send emails like ‘We are sharing with you our new trousers collection based on your previous purchase. We think you love trousers and this collection is for you’.

Doing this will make people trust your brand and bring credibility to your brand. Never use do not reply to email addresses. 

It takes away the authenticity of your emails. To build people’s trust use a real reply address. And Use email signatures. Email signatures consist of your contact information. It’ll give your subscribers more mediums to connect with you.

Effective Email Marketing

4- Make Text Scannable:

Most people like to skim the emails. They don’t like to read the whole long message and just grab the important points of your email.

Therefore, it is important to make your emails scannable. Structure your content in a way that people can easily view the key points of your email. 

To make your email text scannable:

  • Use small paragraphs and sentences.
  • For important points use bullets. Highlight the key points. 
  • Play with fonts. For example, use bold or italic font to mention some important information.
  • Design your emails in a way that’ll appeal to those people as well who prefer skimming over reading.

5- Segment Your Audience:

In email marketing, segmentation is a process of dividing your subscribers into small segments based on their location, preferences, or some other factors. 

Doing this helps you send relevant messages to your audience. For example, you don’t want to send an email pursuing people to buy your products to the people who already bought your product. 

It means you won’t send irrelevant messages to your audience and there would be fewer chances that people get annoyed from your emails or unsubscribe your email campaigns.

6- Automate Your Email Campaigns:

Automating your email campaigns means your emails will be sent automatically based on user behavior. 

The most common automated emails are ‘ Welcome emails’, ‘Thank you emails’ and ‘Transactional emails’. Trigger-based emails increase the open rates of your emails as high as 49%. 

It also Increases click-through rates CTR of your emails and turns 40% of your site visitors into customers. And generate 4 times more sales and 8 times more revenue as compared to traditional emails. 

Today only 20% of marketers use triggered-based emails and are making great revenues. Doing automation of your emails also makes things easier for you. 

For example, when people subscribe to your newsletter, you won’t have to send a ‘Welcome’ message to everyone individually. Your subscribers will receive that message automatically.

7- Focus On The Frequency Of Your Emails:

Email frequency is very important. Send your marketing emails in a balanced frequency to keep your campaigns alive in your subscribers’ inboxes.

However, don’t send numbers of emails. It can irritate your subscribers and compel them to mark your emails as spam. 

But don’t give very large gaps as people might forget about you. Therefore, it’s very important to set a proper frequency for your emails. First, decide how many emails you want to send in one month or week? prefer to send one email in a week. Sending more than one in a week will be a little extra.

8- Add Interactive Content:

Adding interactive content in your emails compels people to take action. Providing more valuable content to your audience will increase your brand awareness and increase the engagement of your audience with your brand. 

To make your content interactive:

  • Add surveys and feedback in your emails. Adding feedback from your previous clients in your emails will bring credibility to your brand.
  • Add clickable features in your emails. For example, images, quizzes, GIFs, carousels. It’ll keep your audience engaged and also used to invite them to take action.
  • Use videos in your emails. Videos increase open rates, click-through rates, and dwell rates of your emails.

9- Build An Email List:

An email list gets you more open rates, higher click-through rates, and more sales. Therefore, it’s critical to develop an email list. Email Marketing experts believe that email lists are not built in just one day. It requires a lot of time to build a good email list.

 However, avoid buying an email list. Rather providing benefits It’ll do more harm to your business. An email list consists of your subscriber’s information which helps you in sending personalized messages. 

If you’ll buy a list then you’ll send emails to the people who haven’t subscribed to your newsletter initially. They can get offended by receiving irrelevant messages and mark your emails as spam. 

Therefore, you need to create an organic email list. If you have just started your business then instead of buying an email list you can send cold emails to people. It is the best way to grow your email list as a beginner.

 If you think you can’t take care of so many people in your email list or won’t be able to grow your list by yourself you can seek help from any digital marketing agency

10- Prioritize Subject Lines:

Subject lines have a great influence on the open rates of your email. People will open your emails or not is totally dependent on what kind of subject line you’re using. 

  • Try to write a catchy subject line to attract people to your emails. 
  • Add the important information or main objective of your email in the subject line. So people can clearly understand the purpose of receiving that email. 
  • By reading the subject line people should understand: Is It about a Sale? New product launch? Giveaway? Or Something important? But the subject line should be concise and clear. 

11- Analyze Your Email Marketing Stats:

The most important email marketing practice is to check how your emails are performing. It is important to understand which emails are working better for your brands. 

Email stats analysis will help you know which links get the more click?

How many subscribers do you get per email sent? 

Consider the average click-through rate and open rate. 

What number of links get the most clicks?

These things will help you understand your audience requirements enabling you to improve your email marketing.

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