Everything You Need To Know About Multi-Channel Video Marketing

Videos have become a major point of interest among people and catch up attention within 3-5 seconds.

Thus, Marketers have said that multi-channel video marketing can generate tremendous results: an increase in traffic, beneficial customer engagement, and shooting up sales. It is the best way to get more engagement and traffic to your brand. 

Actually, the digital demands of consumers are increasing with time, and video marketing is dominating all other marketing strategies. It has become an entire business strategy now. In 2017, video marketing was ranked at the top of the marketing strategies list.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is basically, using videos for promoting and marketing your products or services. Digital marketer likes videos as videos get more ROI and consumers like videos because they are entertaining, engaging, and easily understandable and provide a real picture of the services or products offered by businesses.

However, video marketing is a difficult and expensive process but digital marketing agencies out there make it for businesses. Digital marketers believe that video is the king of marketing strategies. And using Multi-channel video marketing will give you extra benefits, increasing more traffic on your brand and turning visitors into regular customers.

What Is Multi-channel Marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is a way of promoting your products or services on more than one channel, for example, social media, retailer stores, emails, and so on. It increases your access to the audience as you find and access customers on more than one platform.

For example, If you use only Facebook for the marketing process then there are chances that the people who might like to buy your products but aren’t using Facebook will never know about your brand.

How Multi-channel Marketing Works For Videos?

The main purpose of video marketing is to attract customers to your brand or business organically and using multi-channel marketing for videos can double the benefits.

Multi-channel marketing allows you to feature your videos on various platforms like Google search, Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter.

Per Social media experts, using social media platforms for advertising and marketing purposes amazingly increases sales and leads.

Before the internet revolution, brands used only one medium i.e television for promoting their products. But now you have a lot of medium for marketing. You can use any platform for promoting your products and connecting with your audience.

Therefore, it is important to use different platforms for marketing for more brand exposure and bring more customers to your brand, increasing the sales of your products.

And! Multi-channel marketing allows you to use all the platforms at the same time. For example, if you make an advertising video for your product, multi-channel marketing allows you to feature that same video on Television, Facebook, Instagram, and many other online channels. The most common marketing channels are:

  • Messenger
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Online Videos Channels and more.

How To Use Different Types Of Videos For Multi-channel Marketing?

There are many types of videos that can be used for multi-channel marketing. For the sake of convenience, we have divided all the types of videos into two categories.

1. Short videos
2. Long videos.

These categories are made based on the content’s length.

1. Short Videos:

The video that contains short-form content falls in this category. A short video shouldn’t be more than 3-5 minutes long. People usually watch and like short videos more as these are less time-consuming. Opera Media works found a 36% increase in viewers‘ engagement level by using 6-8 seconds of video content. So, it is a very good idea to use short videos for multi-channel marketing. You can upload short videos on many platforms like:

Instagram Videos:

Instagram videos are widely used and yield huge engagement. You can upload a 3 to 60 seconds video about the product you want to promote on Instagram, a fast-growing platform. Millions of people daily use this social media platform. Doing the right marketing on Instagram enables you to acquire a humongous customer base and the chances of product sales also increase.

Product Advertising:

Using short ads is an old and effective marketing technique to increase the sales of your product. Ads focus on products only can give detailed information about your product and services to viewers, trying to persuade them to buy your products.


Vine is an American service that hosts short-form videos. It is the best platform for video marketing purposes. Vine allows you to post a 3-7 seconds video, which is extremely short but people love the less time-consuming things. You can promote your products here as a lot of people use Vine. According to Vine stats, it has 200 million monthly active users. This means uploading videos on Vine can give you access to millions of people, which is extremely important for your business growth.


Another form of short videos is brand-films. These are 1-3 minutes in duration and are designed according to your company’s vision, brand, and mission. Brand films are not focused on products only but also entertains and engages the viewers.

2. Long Videos:

Long videos contain long-form content. These kinds of videos are more focused on call-to-action rather than exposing brands to the viewers. These are intended to attract existing customers and the people who already follow you on social media. Long-form videos also play a great role in engaging customers. Free wheel’s 2015 video Monetization Report noticed a 43% increase in views on long-form videos year by year. You can use long-form content in many ways:


Vlogs (video blogs) are the best way to inform people about your brand. You can make a vlog yourself or hire any other famous video blogger to promote your brand. When people follow you, it means they love you and trust you

When such people recommend your products, people are more likely to buy your products. Using vlogs for marketing is an effective and inexpensive strategy.

How-to Films:

Film how-to videos for your products. Like, if you are selling makeup then make videos like:

How to do eye makeup?

How to mix two or more lipsticks to get a new color?

Making these kinds of videos will also help you rank better on search engines. Make a good script for your video, like telling all the benefits you are offering or discuss the quality of products you are using. It’ll let people decide should they buy your makeup brands or not?

Make videos about the queries of your target customers. Learning their search intent and offering solutions through video is the best way to attract attention.

Behind The Scenes Footage:

Behind the scenes means showing how your products are manufactured and the way your team works. Showing these things to consumers will bring more credibility to your brand. These sort of videos are usually 5-15 minutes long. That’s why these are added in long-form videos.

Product Demos:

Making product demos can give you two benefits. First, it can bring potential customers to your brand, and secondly, it’ll create an active community amongst your existing clients.

But be careful as poor demonstrations can decrease your sales rate. Before filming a demo video write a proper script. Focus mainly on the opening of your video and include call-to-action in the video as well.

But remember you can only use these engaging types of video if you do multichannel marketing right.

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How To Run A Successful Multi-channel Video Marketing Campaign?

Recognize The Changing Marketplace:

Marketplaces keep on changing with time, avoiding this fact while creating a modern multi-channel campaign can lead your business to crises. The invention of new technologies has brought some enormous changes in the digital world. Therefore, it is important to create your campaigns in a way that can cope up with new technologies.

Focus On Your Audience:

To run a successful multi-channel campaign you need to focus on your audience’s behavior. Do proper research on what your audience wants and what attracts them the most. Make sure to have a clear understanding of your target audience when designing your strategy. Check what kind of videos get more views, and people’s feedback on them.

Select The Right Channels:

Even though multi-channel allows you to use all different channels for marketing, it doesn’t mean you should use all the channels for your campaign. For example, Facebook is a very popular platform but it might not work for your specific campaign at all.

Therefore it is important to select the channels according to your audience. You can use fewer channels but they should be effective for your multi-channel marketing campaign.

Use Fresh Ideas:

Don’t forget to use fresh ideas whenever you make a new video for promoting your product. Making the same kind of videos, again and again, can frustrate your audience.

If you have updated your product or brought some change in your brand, then you can use and enhance the previous video content. But if you are launching a new product then it is important to get some fresh content for your videos to attract clients.

Use The Right Tools For Automation:

Automation is very important for multi-channel marketing but using the right tools for automation is more important. It is a way of linking different channels that is extremely important in multi-channel marketing.

Using the right software will make automation very easy for you. On the other hand, bad tools for automation can have adverse effects on your business.

Track Results:

Last and the most important step for successful multi-channel video marketing is to track your results. It is very important to have an understanding of the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can use analytical software that’ll show you all the results of your campaigns in one glance.

This will let you know what kind of videos and platform worked better for your campaign and what didn’t? It’ll help you understand the weak and strong points of your campaign, enabling you to work more on the weak points of your campaign.


I have explained video marketing and multi-channel marketing in detail to give you a better understanding of how multi-channel video marketing works. If you are new to video marketing, connecting with a deft digital marketing agency can carve the best campaign strategy.

Adding multi-channel marketing to your video marketing does nothing but increase benefits two-fold. It gets more traffic to your brand, increases customers’ engagement with your brand, and gives you a chance to promote your brand to millions of people.

However, it is very important to use marketing strategies accurately otherwise your business can get into serious problems When creating a marketing campaign follow all the steps illustrated above to get satisfactory outcomes.

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