Google Alerts For Backlinking- It’s Easy & Smart Work

Are you using Google Alerts to create backlinks? Whether you are a digital marketer or startup owner striving to rank your website, you already know the significance of backlinks. Thus, you focus on creating high-quality content to publish it on high DA /PA websites, just to get an inbound link. 

You spend hours in building a good relationship with influencers and pitching them your content, just for the sake of a backlink from websites with higher authority. Damn! It is a time consuming and intensive process. 

But! Now your task can be a little simple as there is another way to create links over high DA and PA websites. No, I am not making a joke here! You can create backlinks without doing intensive work. 

How? Google Alerts is the cure to your pain. Let’s learn about it. 

What Is Google Alerts? 

Tech devils sitting at Google station are unstoppable. They do not just alter Google Algorithms to create chaos for marketers but also come up with upgraded solutions every year. One such solution is Google Alert- A content change detection software service that sends alerts. 

Google alert is a web service that notifies users when it finds new results such as blogs, articles, web pages matching to user’s search term. 

Yes! I know you are eager to know that how this content detection system help in link building.  

How Can Google Alerts Help In Creating Backlinks? 

Google has a huge database with billions of web pages. Thus, using Google’s database for creating backlinks is the best strategy. Google Alert sends you notification on topics or keywords related to your searches. 

So, whenever a new web page includes anything related to your search, it will notify you in email so you can create a backlink. Let’s learn how you can create backlinks using this amazing service of Google. 

Setting Up Google Alerts 

Before you go on creating backlinks, you need to set up Google Alerts. Visit the URL:

You need a Gmail account to get the email notifications. Though it is possible to set up alerts without a Gmail account, it is good to have one. If you don’t have one, you can easily create a Gmail account. 

Once you are done creating a Gmail account, go on Google Alert Page, where you will see a text box that asks the topic you want to create an alert. There you can write either your brand name or the topics you want to get alerts.

Google Alerts

When you write a topic or keyword, you may see many results, and when you enter your website or brand you will be able to see which posts include your company name. New websites may not show any results, which is completely justifying. 

There you can also see “Show Option” links below the text box, click on the link, and you will see the following screen. 

Google Alerts Show Option

Set up the option in the following direction.

Your settings should match mine:

  • Set “How often” option on “at most once a day”.
  • “Sources” Should be “Blogs, Web”, as getting links from news websites is hard. 
  • Set “language” as per your TG, I will use English. 
  • In the region, you can select any based on your target region. 
  • Option “How many” should set as “All results”. 
  • Insert Your email address on which you want to get the notification in “Deliver To” Box. 
  • Now click “Create Alert”.

Creating Alerts 

Now it is time to create essential alerts to find the backlink opportunities. Creating alerts for the following can help you identify more potential backlinking options: 

  • Your Domain 
  • Your Brand Name 
  • Your Industry Term 
  • Your Product or Service 
  • Your Email Address

When any blog or article contains your domain, brand, or email you can simply ask the publisher to include your link in the content, while industry terms and service alerts can help you get links only for your articles containing valuable information. 

How To Get Backlink Using Google Alerts? 

After setting up Google Alerts, you will get daily notifications related to the terms you optimized in the alert. However, many other marketers are getting the same backlink option alerts. So, you need to be quick and innovative to get the backlink from the publisher. 

To get the backlink, craft an enticing email content that can instantly attract publishers and compel them to add your page. 

Wrapping Up 

Backlinks work as upVote for your website ranking and authority. Thus, it is essential to get inbound links from the websites of good DA/PA. Google alerts are easiest way to identify backlink options over the web however, not every publisher may give a link on keywords, thus asking for a link on the brand name is easier. 

Though high-quality blogs and a compelling email can help you get a link on the topic keyword. Deft marketers know how this tool is valuable & can make backlinking easier. If you are finding it hard to use this tool for your business website, it is best to get help from a deft digital marketing agency that can help you leverage the tool to the fullest. 

We at LeadMuster help businesses to leverage modern marketing tools for lead generation and boost digital platform traffic including web and mobile. For any assistance, get in touch with us.

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