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How To Generate Leads By Doing Slight Changes In Digital Marketing

4 Lead Generation Techniques: The Game Of Revenue

Learn Techniques, Steps To Perform, And Optimize

A detailed insight into 4 lead generation techniques to boost quality traffic to your site and more conversion.

Whether you are engaged in eCommerce business or B2B, conversion or sales is the end goal for which every business strives. Though, these days the way we interact with our target audience has changed completely.

The arrival of the internet has transformed the way we do advertising and promotion. There was a time when advertising and promotions were offline and easy. Now, the techniques have become complex and more revenue-focused.

However, the transformation has also enabled businesses to target the right audience which is most likely to be your customer. If you are a business owner, your major concern would be lead generation, and when marketing has changed so far, you must be wondering ” how can you generate leads for your business? “

Don’t worry! We have decided to line out some most effective lead generation tactics in this article that will help you boost conversion and engagement of prospects across dissimilar online marketing platforms.

How To Generate Leads For Business?

Whether you are B2B or B2C, you must learn to use online social networks and channels for your business benefits. Or if I say clearly that ” to make connections with your customers”. If you fail to do this, you probably end up losing your clients.

Thus, you must learn to attract, engage, and hook your target audience over marketing & promotion channels to refine the lead and get continuous sales. To help you, here are the best lead generation techniques you can leverage.

Lead Generation Technique 1: LinkedIn

Aren’t you using LinkedIn? Can you think that this is the best place today to get the lead?

The arrival of LinkedIn has transformed the way we interact or connect with prospects and people related to similar and different industries. Though, this platform has turned out to be a major lead generation platform in 2021.

As a marketer, first I was skeptical about this platform and was wondering if this platform actually works. But! Once I started using this, I found the biggest clients closed to $50k and more.

All of this revenue I made from simple lead generation tactics on LinkedIn. Wondering how I used this platform to connect with prospects that brought a huge revenue?

Here take a glance at the LinkedIn lead generation tactic.

An overview:

Elink-Pro is a great little extension available for Google Chrome which takes control of your Chrome browser and visits up to 800 Linkedin profiles per day.

It allows you to establish a search queue on LinkedIn.

Turn on Elink Pro
It visits 800 profiles.

Now, 800 people visited by Elink Pro receive a little notification in their account stating
“{{Persons_name}} and ## others viewed your profile.”

Elink Pro1

When they view the notification and visit your profile having your name and tagline. Now if they find your tagline interesting, you may get a connection with them.

Elink Pro2

Now you can contact them and they can become a lead.

Now! it’s done. Don’t you think it is a simple tactic to earn a lead?

Actually, It is the simplest tactic that can generate massive traffic on your LinkedIn profile. But! surely, you would end up with thousands of leads by the end. Another benefit of this tactic is that it’s passive and works even while you sleep.

Let’s take a deep plunge into this tactic for the better optimization of your profile for success.

Step 1) Update & Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Before you start using this way, you need to make sure you optimize your LinkedIn profile for success. If you haven’t updated your file recently, here is what you must fix.


Once you improve the basics, you should work on your tagline.

Emily Grace

The tagline is the most critical part of your entire profile. If your profile is having a weak tagline then people are not likely to click on your profile and you won’t have the slightest chance of getting the potential customer or your business.

The most potential formula to make a great title is “I help X achieve Y”

X = target customers
Y = the main benefit it brings them

For example, my title is ” I help consulting companies in lead generation “

I define that what benefit I bring for businesses. So when a consulting, or service-based owner sees this, they see that these people are the solution to get more leads.

They click into my profile, and when they reach out.


After the tagline, the next section to focus on is the body text and copy below your business

Emily Grace1
Lead Generation Expert

There are a few rules to follow with your LinkedIn copy.

• Shorten it as much as possible
• Be clear about who you are helping
• Concentrate on the pain point of your target audience and the benefit you brings to your
• Don’t forget the link to your website at the end.


There will be a few people that may contact you directly on LinkedIn, but many will go through your website and check for trustworthiness.

For those who click on your website link, you will have to make sure that your landing page looks exquisite so they know who you’re working with and what benefits you can offer them.

To ensure a great landing page, you can follow a general structure of search the landing page optimization guide over the web.

Here are aspects of the general structure for your website:

• What do you do?
• OK. Why should I care?
• Am I alone in care or are other people (and preferably me) concerned?
• It started to get my attention. But I am skeptical. So tell me: How do you do what you say
you do?
• And if I believe you and your process/solution, how will it improve my life?
• It is nice to believe you, but tell me first: Why is it safe to believe you?
• Well, let’s say I believe you. Now what?

Using this way you can optimize your landing page, and get it done smoothly.

Now when your profile is optimized and enhanced, it’s time to start using Elink to track your potential customers’ profiles.

Step 2) Set up search queues

The second step in the direction to leads is to set up your search queue on LinkedIn. By doing this, you can ensure that Elink can start surfing the profiles of other users.

To get it done, you will require LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator versions of LinkedIn.

If you are subscribing to these for using this feature, I would recommend you to upgrade to Sales Navigator, and the price difference isn’t not more than $20. Sales Navigator will provide you greater control over whose profile you will surf.

Here take a quick glance at the ways you can optimize your search queue using a sales navigator.


When you turn on Elink Pro, it takes over your browser and begins visiting all of the profiles available in the search queue.

It’s generally best to run this at night or at the end of the day so you can get it done while you’re not working.

Moreover, it is better if run this 2-4 times a week to increase your profile traffic and attention.

The amount of this conversion will largely depend on your bid, but you will definitely get new visits to your profile and contact requests.

Get More Leads
Step 4) Respond to new connections

Once you run Elink 2-4 times a week, you will have a few connection requests waiting in your inbox. Now it is time to get connected to these peoples.

When I did this, I found 10-20 needed connections from the target group and even some people straightly messaged me and sent requests to get help in getting more leads.

However, some people will send a connection request. To engage with those people, you can send them simple messages by analyzing their profiles.

“Hi {{first_name}},

Thanks for the connection. May I ask what prompted you to contact me on LinkedIn? Also, I searched for {{company_name}} and it looks like you’re doing a great job. The project I had done for {{client}} looked great. Did you need help finding new clients or leads?

I help businesses to get b2b leads.”

It is not possible that everyone will respond to your message, but a few will surely do.

So, this is the best tactic you can use a social media platform to get direct leads and frequent sales, LinkedIn ranks first in our list of lead generation as it is the biggest platform to make connections with people related to different industries.

Moreover, it prevents blind promotion which majorly includes assumptions about the target audience.

Many people think link building doesn’t contribute to lead generation, which is completely a myth. As the fact is that backlinks bring more leads than organic traffic. Thus, smart digital marketers always focus on creating high-quality backlinks.

Let’s take another mind-blowing practice that can open the floodgate of leads to your website. Let’s take a deep dive into the concept of the skyscraper technique for quality link building.

You must be thinking “what is the skyscraper technique and how it helps in lead generation?”

Well! Skyscraper technique was created by Brian Dean of Backlinko in 2015, which includes:

Finding link-worthy content
Creating something better
Sharing what you’ve written

Succinctly, the skyscraper technique is a method to create buildings upon the best content to bring something better into existence. As per the Dean, the way you don’t care about the 8th largest building in the world. Similarly, users don’t care about the content ranking at the 8th position in their search.

The skyscraper technique is about creating a taller “building” (content) or creating a building over an already existing idea. This technique is said to be very similar to 10x content. However, it is very effective for quality link-building for getting massive organic search traffic.

When Dean first applied this technique, the results were incredible, and search traffic to backlinko doubled within 14 days. Which is quite different and impressive. Let’s understand why the skyscraper technique is so effective.

Backlinks are critical as they work as hooks on other websites that direct people from those websites to your website. The more useful, entertaining, and informative will be your content, it will encourage more backlinking.

You already know that backlinks improve the organic ranking of your website. I will share another reason for creating high-quality backlinks. Actually, content backlinks also bring leads to your website.

Many people look for information online and find recommendations in the links to visit a provider and fill up the query form. You can find so many leads every day by using quality backlinking techniques.

Here are there ways you can leverage the skyscraper technique:

1: Find link-worthy content:

A linkable entity is the foundation of any successful link-oriented content marketing campaign (including this one).

I’m not sure who invented the phrase “linkable asset”, but this is an excellent description of what you want to create: a high-value page that you can use for repeated links.

The content is so great, incredible, and useful that people can’t help but log into your WordPress dashboard and add a link to your site.

2: Make something even better:

Now the time is to make changes to content for making it better and more useful to add up content.

Here are the points you must consider while editing the content to get a backlink:

• Make It Longer
• More Up-To-Date to deliver the latest information
• Better Designed for better visual perception
• More Thorough by making lists of points

3: Reach out to the right people:

Getting an email is the cornerstone of the Skyscraper Technique.

It’s like a straight pointer, but you have a VERY special twist.

Instead of sending emails to specific people, consider reaching out to site owners who have already linked to the same content.

When you show potential customers this way, you know:

  1. Run a site in your niche.
  2. They are interested in the title of your article.
  3. They are already included in the article on this topic.

Now the point is to give them a friendly warning about your explicit high profile content.

This way you can get backlinks from websites and get quality traffic on your website. It brings a great number of leads and boosts your website ranking.

Lead Generation Technique 3: RoundUp Posts

You must be thinking about what is a roundup post and how they can help in generating leads.

The fact is roundup posts are a smart technique to target the audience by answering their most sought-after queries about product or service.

What is a roundup post?

A roundup post is a combination of expert answers to a single question.

The roundup posts are important to readers because they get a lot of professional views in one place. The post brings traffic because most of the professionals will share your post with their audience. Because you showcase expertise on your blog, you build relationships with them.

Now the question is how to compile a roundup post? Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Select a question that your audience needs to read

The key to writing a successful post compilation is choosing a specific question.

Think about your audience and their pain. Then choose a question that addresses their concerns.

Do not ask yes or no questions because you want your experts to write detailed answers. And if you can write a question that will get them talking, your answers will be more interesting.

People started the question last week:

What was the biggest mistake you made when you started…?
What is the best thing you can do about it?

Remember, experts are busy, so you need to get them to answer your question as quickly and easily as possible.

Step 2: Find a list of experts

This is time to create a list of 10+ experts and email them to get the answer to your question.

You must bear in mind that all experts will not answer your question. So, it is advisable to make a comprehensive list to get a good number of responses. Altogether, keep an eye on their responses, this will be a long post.

If you don’t want to spend a great time on it, don’t email more than 50 people. In your list include bloggers with larger audiences than you, but not with a huge audience. As they are likely to not answer your question.

Here are the ways you can find experts:

• Google “Top Blogs” Within your niche
• Search for other roundup post and seeing their participants
• Ask readers whose blogs they read.

This way you can get a list of bloggers who are likely to respond to your question.

Step 3: Make a Google Form For Answer Submission

Go to google forms and make a list of fields with:

  1. The question
  2. Name
  3. Twitter handle
  4. Website
  5. Short bio

Now set it up for recording the answers into a spreadsheet

Step 4: Email To Experts

With your Google form ready to go, it’s time to email your experts. Make sure you give them plenty of time to answer your question before the deadline.

To make this as quick and easy as possible, add a template to your Google “can results” or copy and paste it into each email and change the name of the expert and send it.

When you return feedback, feel free to email your experts and thank them for their feedback, and then tell them if you are going to send a post.

Step 5: Arrange Your Post

Draft a roundup post by including each expert in your post. The following you would need:

• A headshot of expert (Get it for Facebook or LinkedIn)
• Their Twitter handle
• Their website address
• The answers given by them to your question
• Their bio

In this way, you can draft a post that will be able to engage and attract a large audience.

Step 6: Make Post Live & Mail Experts

Now when your post is ready email the experts that your post is live and they can share it on their
social media accounts.

Lead Generation Technique 4: Pinterest To Grow Email List & Boost Traffic

Today, Pinterest is one of the widely used and underrated platforms for lead generation and traffic if you don’t know how to use it. Experts know that huge quality traffic can be directed to the website by leveraging Pinterest.

It has the potential to direct 3X more traffic on your website than any other social media platform like Facebook and more. Let’s know how you can use Pinterest to boost lead generation by offering visually rich content to your target audience.

Well! Before getting started you need to understand 3 things:

  1. Creating your own email list is critical for sustaining your online business or blog.
  2. Using email automation allows you to not just feed your subscriber with new content but
    also nurture them to trigger the desired conversion on your website.
  3. Pinterest is one of the best places online to get qualified leads.

So, here take a look at how you can do this.

Content on Pinterest is often overlooked and creates traction over time. This means you need to follow the steps below right away to start getting more email newsletters as soon as possible.

Before we dive into the process, I want to make sure you know why free content is so important if you want to build a profile with Pinterest.

Reasons To Grow Email List With Opt-In offers

  1. Opt-In offers allow you to build your email list with your target audience, and Pinterest is a great place to use them. Especially if you create your own preferences for your target audience, you create a list of subscribers who you know will love your content and want to support your business.

    An unsolicited email list with no subscriber of your brand will not get you far in terms of increasing your sales or building your kingdom.
  2. A special opt-in offers provide a better service than the generic “Sign up e-mail” letter. You may notice that most of the visits to your site from Pinterest are new visitors. This is great – it means people are finding you and your content on the platform.

    Thus focus on giving your audience something of value from the start, they usually have a chance to jump closer to your target!
  3. Opt-In offers allow you to be able to provide strength to your brand and build trust. If your potential customers have never heard of you before, they are more likely to choose your free services than to make a quick purchase.

    This intermediate step allows you to provide value to your audience, build trust, and strengthen the agreement at the end of the road in a very positive and non-judgmental way.

    Now that you understand why you want these freebies, let’s explore how to make it stand out in the best advertising platform out there.

    Here are the steps you need to follow:

    Step 1: Diagnose Your Niche

    Take a look at your website and perceive your niche and main theme. When someone clicks on your pins and the content is well written and useful they will stick with your pins. Moreover, they will have an immediate understanding of your niche and to key them hooked with your pins you need to retain their interest.

    Take a look at your niche, decide if you want to concentrate on a core topics or integrate one more demographic. For example, Neil Patel’s site Quick Sprout provides to a range of marketer, small business owners, and freelancers.

    Here are some factors that can help you figure out aspects of your site and blog:

    • Your Site Name
    • Your Site Tagline
    • Your Tagline on Your Logo

    Once you are done with finding your niche let’s take another step to practice.

    Step 2: Optimize Your Pinterest Profile
Pinterest LeadMuster

There are several ways to grow your email list using Pinterest, but it all starts with an updated profile.

First, you must sign up for a Business account on Pinterest. Next, you enter your business name and bio.

Use keywords in your name and bio to make your name appear on the results page when people search on Pinterest.

Select the name you want to be close to your name or business name. Include keywords you know the Pinners to use to search for you.

So how do you convert visitors to your landing page into authors?

The trick is to identify the leading magnet in your bio. Pinterest does not use live links, but that does not prevent people from using this tool – perhaps because it is very effective.

You can gain thousands of email subscribers, by promoting the leading magnet( blog page/landing page with promotional offers like FREE Service) in Pinterest bio.

Step 3: Incentivize Your Pins

Your pins can reach out to thousands of pinners, and a good number of percentages can turn into subscribers to incentivize your pin.

The more you will show pins to pinners the more subscribers will you get. Here are two ways you can do this.

1. Pinning Your Landing Page /Lead Magnet

Your landing page or Offer page with lucrative deals can be a great way to get email subscribers or leads. Embracing simple pins that can direct traffic on your great number of subscribers and can bring in new leads.

Top Online Marketing

2. Creating an incentivized graphics for your pin

Feature Snippet

Another way to get more subscribers is to create a graphic of your content upgrade and integrate it to your pins.

People cherish the content they like and when they like the content they are more likely to turn into subscribers.

Step 4: Leverage Pinning Tools

For many bloggers and businesses, it takes a lot of time to promote content on Pinterest or any other social media platform.

You can transfer this job to a real assistant or digital marketing manager, but if you are restarting your business or are struggling to get out of control, it’s time to invest in a toolkit.

By using the tool to make your entire pin, you can save time and not have to worry about being online 24/7 to keep your account working and get the best configuration windows for your target audience.

And if your input is for an individual, the effort you put into creating your brand and the promotional pins placed on your blog helps drive traffic to your site and ultimately create more email writers.

There are two popular tool tools you can use:

  1. Tailwind
  2. Buffer

Moreover, you can join similar groups of the same niche and serve quality content to gain support from the community.

These are the four practices that can boost lead generation for your business. Altogether there are many other practices that can increase the inflow of quality traffic and lead such as social media promotion, search engine optimization, paid promotions.

If you want to leverage these practices, reach out to a deft lead generation agency like LeadMuster.

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