How To Generate Sales Leads During Lockdown?

Since the lockdown is enforced everywhere, businesses at are higher risks. The race to generate B2B leads has become nastier, since survival is on stake. You must also be wondering how to generate sales leads in lockdown. 

Aren’t you?

Well! The world is changing due to COVID-19 so as economies. We are standing on the other side of the world with dust and smoke.

It is quite possible that existing businesses have to plan their sales and marketing strategies in a new way or go completely upside down. Since many of the businesses are not trading due to the disaster they are facing. 

So it is growing as long haul for every business. Thus, it is time to strategies a new plan for sales and lead generation. So’ let’s have an in-depth insight on ways to generate leads in lockdown. 

How To Generate Sales Leads In Lockdown?

In the COVID era, digital marketing practices have turn out very useful and significant in terms of lead generation. However, B2B marketers majorly prefer different channels to drive sales and generate new leads. 

But, these channels don’t do any good some times. Generating quality content isn’t enough, and many people struggle to get leads. So, how can businesses save themselves? 

Don’t worry, here are some proven tips that will help you generate 10X more leads. So, stay hooked with me. 

Optimize Your Landing Page To Your Customers 

The major hack is what your potential customers are looking for, once you figure it out you end up with a high-converting landing page. Yes! your landing page is the most critical aspect that first grabs your customers’ attention. 

Thus, you need to sync your landing page with your other marketing channels. As per HubSpot’s statistics, instead of traditional paid marketing, inbound tactics have generated 54% more leads. 

So, you need to work on your landing page for better showcasing and offering customers the solution they are looking for. Here are some points that will help you. 

  1. Review the messages you are giving to customers through your content. 
  2. Ask yourself, are these message target the pain of customers and solving their problems
  3. What is your call to actions indicating? 
  4. Are CTAs placed in the right place?

Some minor tweaking in landing page messages and CTAs can open the floodgate of leads. So, why not begin with correcting your messages to customers. A deft digital marketing agency can help you improve these aspects, so better to take advice from them. 

How To Generate Sales Leads During Lockdown

Separate Your Lead Generation And Sales Teams 

You have to understand that lead generation and sales are two different processes. Thus, it is better you work on them separately. 

Moreover, lead generation requires intensive marketing and testing the strategies reportedly. You will have to continually check the elements that can draw leads to your business. 

The more you test more you get closer to the desired results. When it comes to landing page elements, every single aspect available on it requires testing and then change for better yields including the headline, bullet points, subtitles, CTAs, and more. 

Thus, specialization is essential, and that you can get by creating a separate lead generation team. Its job is to test the pointers and work on improvement for a better number of earned leads. 

Leverage Strong Words To Draw Attention 

As I mentioned above, that your landing page is the major driving factor that can trigger lead generation. Thus, you need to ensure that your website contains the content that can not just offer values but also able to draw attention. 

You need to create a long-lasting impression on visitors’ minds through writing. Here verbs play a great role. 

You must know that it isn’t the keyword or topic that makes a headline powerful. It is a verb that makes your headline strong and draws attention. If your headlines are able to grab enough attention then you will get the more qualified leads. 

Moreover, it will also improve your search ranking due to less bounce rate and increased visitor sessions. You should bear in mind Ted Nicholas asserts that 73% of buying decisions are made by getting attracted to headlines. 

So, it is you who need to decide what you are going to do with your page headlines and call to actions. I would suggest you to use strong and descriptive verbs throughout your headlines to convey a direct message. 

Update Your Marketing Channels 

It simply means that you have to strengthen your online presence by improving your mode of communication such as website, social media channels, and more. If you don’t have social media presence you need to build the one. 

Today, people check companies’ social media accounts such as LinkedIn to learn more about them. Everyone looks for anything online first, thus it is critical to have a strong online presence, which reflects trust, authenticity, and reliability. 

Thus, it is critical that you update your digital platforms to revise your target audience. Including some client quotes also season your brand visibility. So, it is critical you work on these aspects for better client interaction with your brand. It impacts your lead generation positively. 

Utilize LinkedIn To Look For Potential Leads 

We all know today that LinkedIn is a great platform to make some valuable business connections. Thus, it is wise to use this platform to gain some clients. 

All you need to do is follow a wise LinkedIn strategy, engage the audience with valuable posts, and send engaging messages that work best for sales. 

Every day, four out of six lead generation experts are leveraging their LinkedIn connection to get leads and boost businesses. You must also create a focused sales plan to gain significant attention in this community.

Final Words 

Simple changes in your digital marketing practices can bring hundreds of leads to your business even in lockdown. So, focus on serving value to your customers and driving engagement. Leads follow the right approach. 

If you are struggling to do everything on your own, then it is wise to get assistance from a digital marketing agency that provides support for lead generation through search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online reputation management.

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