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5 Ethical Ways To Link Building For Lead Generation & Quality Traffic

Link building is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy that improves the inflow of quality traffic on your website and lead generation. Thus, link building has become a center of attraction among both businesses and marketing experts. 

However, creating links in an ethical way is critical for organizations to ensure positive impacts for both website and brand image. Thus, I have decided to explain some actionable ethical link building strategies for 2021. 

Google’s algorithms are greatly based on content and link structure and increase/decrease the website’s authority on the basis of the quality of backlinks of the website. Moreover, backlinks have a critical role to play in lead generation. 

It is true that there are so many ways to create backlinks. However, creating ethical backlinks on high DA/PA websites is quite difficult for digital marketers. Thus, Here is a simple guide to creating quality backlinks through content marketing for boosting lead generation and sales for your business. 

As we all know, content is the emperor in the digital marketing practice and requires to be value-oriented. It also enables the creation of backlinks. 

But! If you think publishing the content can bring you higher quality backlinks and drive quality traffic. Then reset your thoughts. As Link building requires to be done mindfully and precisely, and a certain type of techniques works best. 

Here take a glance at the best link-building techniques

#1. Clever Guest Blogging 

Blogging is the most effective and appreciated tactic among marketers as it yields great results in terms of links, traffic, and prospects. 

As per a report by Hubspot, blogs generate 97% of inbound links and bring 55% more site visitors. Thus, Guest blogging is the number one link building tactic and gaining popularity among blogging businesses. 

However, the question is that using guest blogging can help to get competitive advantages?

Well! There is nothing better than guest posting in the space of digital marketing to gain competitive advantages. But! Are you doing clever guest blogging to generate leads and higher authority links? 

Clever guest blogging means being strategic in approach with a clear end goal from the initial stage. To drive quality traffic on your website, your guest blogging efforts should be targeted to the desired traffic. 

 Here are the ways you can do clever guest blogging : 

  • Find trusted and higher authority websites of your niche to guest post. 
  • Study their blogs topic and audience (learn what they want)
  • Check out the popular blog post (know about the types of content )
  • Examine the blog’s user experience 
  • Pitch the content specific to the audience’s needs. 

I have seen so many businesses building an empire on just getting quality traffic from guest posts. But! You need to remember that the audience’s need on the platform plays a vital role in guest posting. As your post will be shared by the guest post websites on their social media channels under your name. 

#2. Posting Graphics 

Another most effective and powerful way for link building is posting graphics or visual assets on visual acquisition and social media networks like Pinterest, Slide share, and more. It is a major part of social media marketing these days and allows you to not just get higher authority backlinks but also you can acquire a loyal audience base that can result in brand recognition and engagement. 

Altogether, it minimizes your efforts to create lengthy content and lets you get higher authority backlinks. 

Types of graphics you can post : 

  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Diagrams
  • Charts

Depending on your target niche and posting guidelines of a hosting website, you can segregate your post content and type. Suppose, travel businesses can post images of the location, panoramic views to these platforms, while hospitality businesses can share pictures of the decorated venues to show up art and expertise. 

B2b businesses like IT firms can share infographics explaining the technical credibility and more. Depending on your target audience, you will have to think over a strategy and understand the interest of your audience available over these platforms to cater the right visual asset. 

But! Remember to post visuals that can attract their attention in the first 3-5 seconds and add value to their life. 

#3. Publishing Research & Survey Data 

If you want to thrive as a leader in your niche and want to create the topmost quality of backlinks through excellent content, then you must share researched and survey-based data. 

Yes! For this, you would have to do research or survey. 

The practice may require more effort, though research data and statistics are greatly linkable and every other blogger integrates the link of the source website. Survey data also get significant traction, and these days it is not very hard to survey over the internet. 

Tips to organize Your survey : 

  • Decide on the topic and aspect you want to gather information about. 
  • Outline your target audience to participate in the survey. 
  • Decide the question to be asked and make it a multiple choice answer survey. Don’t ask people to write an answer to every question. (You can use Google doc for conducting survey)
  • Attach the doc to Sheet for answer recording.
  • Promote the survey on social media and send in personal email

This way you can generate a heap of data and present your report to readers. This allows you to get an innumerable number of backlinks in a one-time effort. However, you must be very decisive about your survey and cater the value to your target audience. 

Whether you have noticed yet or not, your website must be having some broken link. Mending those links can also improve your website authority and bring in more traffic. 

If you are new to this, you must be thinking about how you can find broken links. Well! Google Analytics is the simplest way to find broken links for your website. Here is a quick guide to mend broken to find broken links on Google Analytics. 

  1. Go on Analytics dashboard and click on “Behaviour” 
  2. Choose All pages in “site content” 
  3. Set the dates( on top right corner)
  4. Choose Page Title in “Primary Dimension”
  5. Go on the Advance search option 
  6. Select Page Title in “‘include” and write 404 Page in “containing text box” 
  7. Click on Apply 

This way you will be able to go through all broken links and can change the URL in links to get improved backlinks. This requires less effort and you can do it right at the first time. 

Link Roundups are blogs that feature the content of the author’s interests. These posts typically get live on a monthly or weekly basis that enables you an opportunity to directly land among your target niche by getting relevant and quality backlinks. 

Though the question is how to find roundup prospects. Here is the way you need to go: 

-> Search on Google in the following format : 

“ topic” Intitle:roundup

topic + roundup

topic + “weekly roundup”

topic “best blog posts”

topic + “link roundup”

topic + “favorite posts”

topic + “top posts”

topic + round up

topic + “monthly roundup”

topic + news roundup

-> Ensure to scrutinize tiles and meta, as not all results will be relevant. 

-> The best part: they exist in nearly every niche and are relatively easy to find. Finally, you will need to go through those links that link to external resources. Though, a lot of sites publish roundup posts for their internal resources. 

-> Moreover, you don’t need to approach those roundups that haven’t been updated in a long time. Once you left with 100 links that offer external roundups and updated recently. This is time to export roundup prospects from SERP. 

In this, the Ahrefs tool can help you. Now here is what you need to do: 

  • Prepare a list of top website of your niche from exported roundup prospects
  • Identify round up content that has been linked a lot 
  • Find their emails from hunter.io or any other email finding tool. 
  • Pitch them strategically and tell them that you want to pitch the new piece of content to their blog. 

This way you can get links from roundup posts and direct quality traffic to your website. 

Wrapping Up

These are the best ways to build high-quality backlinks to your website. However, there are innumerable ways you can relish easy backlink building by such as stealing your competitors’ links, local listing, niche-specific directories, and more. 

Though getting ethical links with ethical practice improves your value in the eyes of readers and you already know that Google is dedicated to its users. If you want to improve the influx of lead generation through backlinking, you can connect with a deft digital marketing agency that can help leverage the best practices of SEO for your business.

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