SEO vs PPC: which will be a better choice to boost your sales in 2021

SEO vs PPC  ???

Which method will be a better choice ??

Let’s check it out….

In the digitized era, there have been multiple channels to promote a business’ brand, and boost sales. The main weapon is in our hand, Smartphone, through which any customers can get attracted to your products and services.

Marketing in today’s time, not that easy and simple. You need to have proper planning and strategy to achieve your goal.

Multiple channels can boost your sales and increase your ROI of your business.

SEO and PPC are two of them.

These two channels have different uniqueness in them to boost your sales, increase engagement and raise your business rankings.


We all are known to have SEO benefits for businesses to boost sales and attract more audiences.

It is vital to be listed at the top of search engines, otherwise, you are invisible to your customers.

There are also multiple trends coming on with the passing years.

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a medium to improve and increase website’s traffic of a website or web page from search engines.

SEO keeps your website in good shape so Google can easily find your site with robust keyword research. 

Companies must also pay attention to various SEO trends, as voice search, Long content, mobile-friendly pages as well.

Why do you need SEO to boost your sales?

  • Gain higher rankings in search engine
  • Increase website exposure
  • Increase website rank in SERP
  • Build credibility
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Generate leads and traffic
  • Cost-effective
  • Attract loyal customers
  • Good return on investments

How to boost your sales with SEO?

  • Engage on social media to promote your products
  • Create informative content to rank higher
  • Be mobile responsive
  • Improve voice search SEO
  • Include contact information
  • Make use of keywords
  • Send emails
  • Create GMB account

Statistics of SEO-

  • The SEO Industry had reached nearly $80 billion in 2020.
  • People using search engines had approx reach 239.1 million in year 2020
  • 93 percent of web traffic comes from search engines

PPC marketing

Nothing is as simple as we think and the same goes in business and marketing. You need to be focused enough to rank higher and stand out amongst others.

PPC marketing is a marketing channel that used to drive traffic in which advertiser pays only  when the ad is clicked

There are two ways to promote PPC Ads :

  • Google Ads and 
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads. 

Google search ads will connect you with users who are looking for products and services that are similar to yours.

Instagram ads /Facebook’s paid social ads will introduce your services to your new customers and even existing ones.

If your PPC ad performs well, it gives businesses a competitive advantage where users can connect and buy.

Why do you need PPC Advertising to boost your sales?

  • Drives immediate results
  • Increase quality traffic
  • Increase revenue, sales
  • Boost website traffic
  • It is measurable
  • Build SEO
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Gain market share

How to use PPC Advertising to boost your sales?

  • Redefine your target audiences
  • Choose the right platform
  • Create a campaign
  • Create a landing page
  • Test and make changes if needed

Statistics of PPC ads-

  • 75% of users click on ads 
  • 45% of small businesses use PPC advertising
  • 7% of marketers use PPC ads for lead generation


  1. SEO


  • It is free
  • Good ROI
  • Organic traffic
  • Built trust and credibility
  • Cost-effective


  • It takes time
  • Always need quality content
  • High level of uncertainty
  1. PPC Advertising 


  • Instant results
  • Very easy setup
  • Narrow targeting
  • Easy A/B Testing


  • You pay for every click
  • Lower ROI
  • Need research on keyword

Why should you choose SEO?

If you have sufficient time, you can choose SEO as it is a long process and needs time. It may take a week, a month, and maybe a year. The SEO planning process should start before even building the website if you have structure and platform.

Why should you choose PPC?

If you have an opportunity to play an ad only when someone searches for a specific keyword and pays for it only when they click, it is worth it. 

Pros (in the table)-

                          SEO                        PPC
                    It is free pay  for the ad is clicked
            Hard to master                    Easy to master
                  Good ROI                            Lower ROI
It takes time to give results Instant results
              Hard to scale                      Easy scale-up 
     More control over the content        Less control over the content
              Long term results              Steep learning curve
              High Uncertainty                No uncertainty
            Less buyer oriented                  Buyer oriented
                Hard A/B Testing                Easy A/B Testing

There are many differences between these two channels SEO and PPC, and amongst all of them, these are common.

Which will be a better choice?

It depends on a business’s needs and requirements to integrate with SEO and PPC.

If you are new to any business, you can go for PPC and test your results and boost your sales and increase your Business ROI.

You can look for your data from conversions, and calls-to-action (CTAs), and more to make your SEO strategy more powerful to have a stronger conversion rate.

If you are looking for more information about these two methods, you can even look at other articles on our website with all details provided in the blogs.

The main goal of your company is to boost your sales by choosing the right channel and strategies. 

Take your time, learn each of them, so that each campaign is better than the next. 

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Work with us to make your dream successful.

We are always here to help you.

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