Show Up On Top In Searches- Optimize For Featured Snippets [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every business wants to rank on top of Google searches thus, they are enthusiastic to optimize for featured snippets. Since featured snippets have been introduced by Google, there is a huge buzz among marketers, SEOs, and bloggers.

There is a race among marketers and bloggers to show up in featured snippets. Pertaining to the new policies of Google algorithms to fetch the snippet data, marketers are paying great attention to content and providing value to users. 

Don’t you want to rank your page on top of searches? 

To achieve this goal, featured snippets are the amazing facility of Google, which shows up the results with a fair comparison of content. Amidst, its popularity,  there are many queries and questions among people such as: 

Thus, we have decided to answer all your quarries in brief here. 

To understand the concept of optimize for featured snippets, you must know that this is a service or feature of Google that provides users the exact answers to their questions in a concise box in the  SERP. Google algorithms analyze millions of web pages to fetch the best answer to the query of users. 

The AI-enabled algorithms of Google are well versed in this, and dig up the all pages’ data to show the most relevant answer to the question. Here take a glance at the concept of featured snippets.

optimize for featured snippets

I am sure after taking a look at the concept of featured snippets, you must be tempted to show up your pages in featured snippets. 

Actually, this is the best way to boost quality traffic and conversion rate on your website, and it allows you to become a popular brand by showing your authenticity and expertise in the niche. 

So, are you wondering how to optimize your content to appear in featured snippets? 

  • Find competitors’ snippets from SEMrush
  • Uncover snippet opportunities using Google
  • Use Answer the Public for content ideas
  • Do In-depth keyword research
  • Answer multiple questions
  • Keep the optimal word count
  • Use headers
  • Infuse “how-to” section on your website

 Valued content is the only way to appear in featured snippets. You need to provide users with the most relevant and competitive content to rank higher, that’s why you need to focus on delivering quality content to your readers. 

To ensure this, you need a team of deft and intellectual content developers and distributors, who can create unique, fresh, and value-oriented content. Moreover, targeting the search intent of users in content such as blogs and articles is also the best strategy to win the game. 

Moreover, if you want to leverage featured snippet opportunity then connect with a deft digital marketing agency that can help you optimize your website content for best ranking.

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