Top 3 Social Media Platforms To Boost Your Sales During COVID-19

We all are facing a business & sales crisis these days and trying to get over this stagnation. Though the coronavirus crisis has opened several new opportunity doors that were never supposed to be embraced by businesses. Even social media is also deeping its roots in human life. 

One of the significant changes is “work from home”. Now both small & large businesses are actively improving their work from home strategies, which is not only barring them from complete shutdown but also allowing them to grow continually. Altogether, digital marketing has also become a killing marketing tactic that helps businesses run smoothly by creating sales opportunities. 

Since several experts are recommending digital marketing, there is a fact clinging to this aspect. ” It takes time to acquire the best results from digital marketing campaigns. For instant results, paid advertisement campaigns are revenue-driving practices” 

So, How can you increase your product sales/ lead generation in 2020? 

People around the world are glued to their smartphones and laptops, either for work or fun. 40% increase in internet usage has been reported in Australia, while Europe has reached more than 50% growth. This has diverted businesses toward internet platforms to engage the target audience, and paid advertisements over social media platforms are most preferred.  

You would also be thinking that what platform you can utilize to improve your product sales. Aren’t you? 

In this blog post, we will look over some top social media platforms that can boost sales even during coronavirus pandemic. So, stay hooked with me. 

Social Media Platforms That Can Increase Your Product Sales During COVID-19 


Have you ever tried marketing your product on Facebook? If not, then this is your turn! Facebook ads are a proven technique that is allowing small businesses to gain reliable clients in a specific location.

I know a life coach & yoga instructor who has gained a huge clientele by posting a simple advertisement in groups on Facebook.

 You can also gain customers through this platform as every day, 1.62 billion users visit Facebook. Altogether, 92% of marketers use Facebook as a major platform to promote their services, which makes it highly recommended. How can you use Facebook to boost sales? 

Well! The platform has its own advertisement campaign launch set up that allows you to upload ads and run those ads in different locations. You can optimize your ad visibility on the basis of audience type, location, niche, and more. 

So, increase your sales through Facebook ads marketing. Though, it is recommended to hire a social media marketer that can help you leverage platforms strategically for the desired ROI. 



In 2019, Instagram generated a huge revenue of $20 million through Ads, and its Ad conversion rate is highest among all social media platforms. If you are engaged in businesses especially, that includes products attractive for teenagers or GenX. The following data will make you wonder why haven’t you used this platform yet. 

  • Currently, Instagram has 72% of the world’s teenage user base. 
  • 130 million Insta users tap on commercial links to see more details. 
  • 70% of shopping lovers like Instagram product discovery 

Aren’t you surprised by knowing these facts of Instagram? Succinctly, you must embrace Instagram to increase brand visibility & sales. This social media platform has a huge audience base that can help your business grow even in coronavirus pandemic. 


LinkedIn Ads

What? Do you think that LinkedIn is a platform for job search & connecting with corporate people? 

Indeed, it is! Though It is also a platform for gathering leads and customers from different industries. Service-based businesses largely invest in LinkedIn ads to promote their brands over this platform. 

Basically, LinkedIn triggers 80% B2B leads of current PPC campaigns, making it the first choice of marketers engaged in B2B lead generation strategies. Overall, LinkedIn offers the best value in terms of ROAS, ad spending, engagement, lead quality. 

 It allows you to optimize ads in terms of the right people pertaining to your target niche. Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to achieve several objectives such as brand awareness, bring qualified leads to your business, increase website conversion, audience engagement & more. 

So, if you are engaged in a service-based industry, get in touch with a digital marketing agency that can help you leverage this platform to the fullest. 

Wrapping up 

For small & medium-size businesses, these platforms are boon as they bring in quick results and require dirt cheap investment. Moreover, each platform has a specific user base that suits different business verticals. 

Not every business needs to invest in all three social media paid marketing; the one with the right target audience can bring the desired result with precise strategy & ROI planning. If you are striving to leverage these platforms, hire digital marketers that can help your practice value-driven social media ad campaigns.  At LeadMuster, we aid businesses in lead generation & conversion through digital marketing strategies & social media platforms. To boost your sales & lead generation, get our assistance now.

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