How To Track Your Progress Throughout The Sales Process on LinkedIn?

Lately, I heard many of my colleagues talking about the incredible feature of LinkedIn that enables tracking the progress of the company and team’s sales. And! instantly the idea to utilize this tool kicked me. 

As a lead generation and marketing expert, I face several challenges in tracking leads and the progress of my team. Indeed, this tool has really good features that make progress tracking simple and efficient. 

If you are struggling to track your companies progress, number of leads, and wondering how to track progress throughout the sales processes in LinkedIn. Then here is your guide.

Track Your Progress Throughout the Sales Process on LinkedIn 

Sales Navigator program is the facility provided by LinkedIn to track the progress of your sales on the platform. Though this system has no significant benefit without CRM that enables you to track your investment and sales. 

Every team utilizes CRM differently to determine company success, aspects to measure, and considerable adjustments. And! LinkedIn sales navigator program enables the use of CRM data in the handiest way. 

Here are the benefits of CRM tracking for progress throughout sales processes in LinkedIn 

  • Recognize newly generated leads from Sales Navigator in your CRM.
  • Keep an eye over the team’s activities that how the sales navigator is helping in closing new leads. 
  • Analysis and report creation about sales processes on LinkedIn. 

So, before you get into the actual tracking, you need to integrate CRM to your LinkedIn sales navigator system. If you are new to this, here is the way you can set up your sales navigator and connect it with CRM.

How to connect CRM in LinkedIn Sales Navigator? 

  • Use Login and access LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Click Admin > Admin Settings.
  • There you can find CRM Settings within Admin Settings, use CRM Settings. 

Click on Connect to CRM. There you will see a pop-up window to select applicable CRM. If you face any issues you can reach out to linked in support on


  • Authenticate your access by clicking on Salesforce. You will see a window asking for your CRM login information. Enter the login ID and password of your CRM, and once you log in, you will be able to access all the required information. 
  • Once the process is successfully completed you can see “Disconnect CRM sync” beneath the CRM Settings along with the Last sync. 

Once you are done connecting CRM in your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, you need to complete CRM configuration and enable write-back functionality to ensure that changes in sales will record in your CRM data. 

To complete these process click over the CRM setting given below Admin Settings. Once you are done connecting CRM to sales navigator, you can track your sales process and measure the progress continually. Moreover, if you are new to LinkedIn sales, you can connect with a deft agency providing the best social media marketing services to use the platform for increased leads.

Track Your Progress Throughout Sales Process On LinkedIn 

You can use CRM combined with the sales navigator to measure your progress majorly in three terms: leads, new connections, and closed deals. Here are the ways you can track your progress in each category. 

1. Track leads and New Customers  

Sales Navigator enables you to find new prospects that tend to convert in customers. So, perform a qualification process that will allow you to record leads in CRM and enter into the pipeline. 

Here is the way you can track your leads in CRM that generate using LinkedIn:

  • Fill LinkedIn as an option in the Lead Source field.
  • Keep Lead Source set as a required field.
  • Ensure your team selects LinkedIn for any new business/customer found through Sales Navigator. 
  • Utilize Lead Source to monitor the number of leads generated, decision-makers, and new companies gathered through initial activities on Sales Navigator.

This way you can track all the leads and new customers you gained through sales processes in LinkedIn, and give the right measure into progress in the number of leads generated using LinkedIn efforts.

2. Track New Connections Developed 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables you to create a connection with new prospects and add additional decision-makers. You can track each of these connections using Sales Navigators through adding contact sources. 

Here is the way to track these contacts in CRM: 

CRM carries the lead source right from the lead record. It is an automatics process that you can see when the lead is converted to a contact. If you are not able to see this, here is the process to infuse it in LinkedIn it as an option:

  • Keep Contact Source set as a required field.
  • Ensure your team uses LinkedIn for any contact gathered through the sales navigator. 
  • Utilize contact source to monitor new decision-makers generated collected through activities on Sales Navigator.

3. Track Opportunities And Closed Deals 

When it comes to tracking your progress the major goal is to understand real opportunities you gained through the platforms and the number of leads you closed. This you can easily track with CRM and sales navigation collaboration. Here are the two ways you can do this. 

Method 1:
  • Set LinkedIn within the Opportunity Source field.
  • Keep Opportunity Source set as a required field.
  • Ensure your team members select LinkedIn for any deal gained from the platform. 
  • Utilize opportunity source for tracking and each new opportunity added to the pipeline. 
Method 2: 
  • Fill LinkedIn in the Reason Won field.
  • Keep Reason Won set to the required field while closing opportunities as won. 
  • Track all deals earned having won reason LinkedIn. 

There is one another simple way that can make it a bliss, ask your team members to use hashtag #LinkedIn in opportunity name, and when you will create any report opportunity with #LinkedIn that can easily be tracked.

Final Words 

I am sure this information will help you expand your business and track your progress in sales and improve the engagement plan. LinkedIn is a great platform for lead generation and making a new connection to gain brand awareness. You must use this platform to boost your b2b sales. To leverage the platform you can take assistance from a digital marketing agency offering the best social media marketing service. For more about sales and lead generation, stay tuned with me

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