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With technological advancement, consumer needs are changing at breakneck speed. Instead of standing in the long queues, your customer is looking for the easiest and quickest way to buy products. Hence, an ecommerce online marketplace has become a convenient option that helps them shop from their home.

Do you know 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods through an online marketplace? Now, having an online store for your business is not an option. But, it helps expand your reach, gives your user a profound experience, and increases your sales.

Ecommerce SEO Services

Also, creating an online store requires extensive SEO expertise. However, you don’t need to do headhunting; we are the leading eCommerce SEO agency in Australia. We help you create a powerful SEO strategy for eCommerce website that includes keyword research, creation of online stores, store optimization, product optimization, competitor analysis, and more.

Our professional & well-versed team will leave no stone unturned and help you attract your customer’s eyeballs, shoot up your store traffic, boost leads, and maximize sales.

Are you struggling to launch your online marketplace successfully? Not getting qualified leads and worried about high-value sales?

Our SEO Services For eCommerce Website

Drive growth, generating organic traffic, increasing conversion and sales.

  • Content management system

    SEO Audit

    Our eCommerce SEO services include a technical and deep-dive audit of the complete website such as SSL certificate, canonical check, CSS, site platform, .htaccess, 301 redirects, content, backlink profile, and more.

  • International Keyword Research

    Ecommerce Keyword Research

    We will compile a list of highly-searched keywords based on the search volume to target the right audience and make your brand visible to your audience. We will also ensure to incorporate different phrases that your customers use during the search. So that you can appear in front of them and your business sales boost to the next level.

  • Website Optimization

    Product Page Optimization

    For an eCommerce store, one of the essential factors that are most likely to increase your rank in the search engine is the optimization of the product page. If your product page is well optimized, including the right and relevant keywords, images, titles, and descriptions, your audience will find your products quickly, and you will attract more customers.

  • Navigation Optimization

    Navigation Optimization

    An easy-to-navigate website makes your users find the products in no time. Our eCommerce SEO team ensures to create the appropriate sections and categories that link to the top-level page somewhere in your menu so that your users don't get confused. Once, your user gets confused; they will leave the site and never come to your website again. It is called the bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate, the lower the ranking in the search engine. That's why our ecommerce services emphasize navigation optimization and help minimize the bounce rate.

  • Constant Content Creation

    Content Creation

    Our team will help you create the content for your website that can draw shoppers to your ecommerce store. Also, be helpful in search engine optimization for content marketing. Our innovation content marketing team will work on different kinds of relevant and engaging content like videos, infographics, blogs, articles, long-form content like e-books, and more.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Discovery and Competitor Analysis

    A comprehensive competitor analysis will help you to determine the gaps that they have in their system. We incorporate our ecommerce strategies in a way that skyrockets your brand to new heights and stands out from the competition.

  • Analytics and conversion tracking

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    What matters for your business is sales. It helps to determine how your business is flourishing. Hence, we bring a unique approach to content rate optimization for eCommerce SEO services. It is an attractive feature of our SEO services, and it is sure to convert traffic into revenue by converting visitors into buyers.

  • Real-Time Reporting & Insights

    Detail Reporting

    We will share the weekly and monthly reports to analyze your growth. The detailed reports will include metrics like website conversions, sales traffic ranking, and a summary of all SEO activities that should carry out on your website. It also incorporates precise details like keyword trends, keyword ranking tables, device comparisons, and more.

Frequently asked questions

eCommerce SEO is the scientific art of optimizing your online store to be more visible in front of search engine results like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

There are multiple benefits of eCommerce SEO for your business

• It will help you to connect with your potential customers digitally and hence maximize your profits.
• It will help to increase your business visibility by showing your online marketplace at the top of the SERPs.
• It incredibly drives brand awareness and helps to build a brand reputation.
• It is a unique way to attract and retain customers and thereby increase sales.

The eCommerce SEO process works according to the detailed review of the business goals and objectives, but in general, it works in three steps-

  • Detailed Analysis and Ideation

Initially, the first step requires understanding the ecommerce business objectives and goals. After that, extensive brainstorming and an initial SEO audit happen to devise an SEO roadmap. 

  • Strategy Implementation

In strategy implementation, many factors come into consideration. It includes web structure improvisation, keyword implementation, UI/UX design optimization, content optimization, category, and product page optimization. 

  • Review and Reporting

Continuous a/b testing, iterative strategizing, monitoring, and tracking conversions come under the review process. It will let you know whether the ecommerce strategies achieve the desired results or not.

Yes, keywords are essential in eCommerce SEO. But the one thing you have to keep in your mind, you don’t need to clutter the product titles and details with keywords. Instead, you have to intelligently incorporate it so that your products convey user-oriented information to your audience.

We provide optimization for various ecommerce store platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magneto, Volusion, Weebly, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, etc.

eCommerce SEO requires optimized navigation links, URLs, meta descriptions, page titles, image ALT tags, H1 headings, blogging platforms, social sharing buttons, canonical URLs, and more.

Are you ready to dominate the first page of the search engine results and make your online store more visible?

Get assistance from our ecommerce SEO professional team. They will help give your online shop a competitive edge and increase your ranking on the top pages of SERPs.