A Guide To Set Up Google AdWords Account For Your Business

Set Up Google AdWords Account

The goal of any business is to grow, gather customers, and increase income. A company that grows will increase sales and strengthen its position in the market.

In the past few years, the world market has been helping small businesses grow and fast. 2021 represents a fresh start for businesses to succeed in future.

Different factors have an effect on the growth of the business, SEO, Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Today, in this article, you will get to know how to use Google Adwords for your business in a few steps. 

What Google Adwords are??

Google Adwords is an advertising service, developed by Google, where you only have to pay if the ad is clicked. Google Adwords helps you to give you better brand visibility  & instant great results. 

Over the past few years, with the transformation to digital marketing, businesses have made their way towards the internet. It has become important for businesses to reach out to the target audience.

Google AdWords is an advertising platform that helps a business to reach their target audience and deliver great ROI.

There are different types of Google Adwords-

  1. Search Ads
  2. Display Ads
  3. Shopping Ads
  4. Video Ads 

Search Ads –

When a user searches for something on Google, search results/ads that appear above the listing are search ads. When these ads are targeted and run properly, you can get direct quality traffic to your landing page and boost your business growth.

Display Ads –  

When you read a post or view a video on a website, you can see ads on the page. These are display ads.

Shopping Ads –

Shopping ads boost website traffic and helps to generate leads and also increase your conversions.

Video Ads –

Video ads let advertisers run the ads that are in video format on YouTube and other Display Networks.

Do you have any idea about Google Adwords and how it is used for your business growth?

Google AdWords is a perfect marketing way to reach your targeted audiences through search engines and provide you with good website traffic, resulting in good results for your business.

It is not hard to understand how to use Google Adwords, it is actually efficient and simple to use. So after checking out its definition, types, you are thinking google AdWords is easy and simple. 

Yes, it is not that hard to use.

There are some steps to Set Up Google AdWords Account for your business

1. Register your Google Adwords account –

In the first step of using Google Adwords for your business, you need to have an account, you have to create a Google AdWords account. You must have a Google account to register a google AdWords account.  It takes a couple of minutes to create a google account.

Once you enter the necessary details, you now have an AdWords Account. You can start creating campaigns and choose your budget, target audience, set your bids, and write your ad copy.

2. Set your budget –

Before you start your campaigns, you need to create and define a campaign budget.  Creating a budget is the top important task on the list. Having a budget will keep you updated not to cross your budget limits. 

The best way to create your budget is to find the number of visitors on your page that can be converted into customers. 

After creating your budget, move to the second stage, i.e., finding your targeted audiences.

3. Select your target audiences –

You have created an account, set your budget,  now you have to select your target audience. Finding your targeted audiences will ensure you that your ad is shown only to those users who are actually interested, using keywords that you added, and the ones who are present in the specified location given by you.

Radius targeting is another way to get your targeted audiences. It helps you to target in a certain radius, with the help of your zip code. You can find your targeted audiences by setting different locations per radius targets. 

4. Choose a network –

Choose a network in where you want your ads to display.

Google presents two networks- Google display network and Search network

The Google display network works as a way to reach people to your ads while browsing on your site.

The search network allows your ads to be placed at the top of the search results–SERPs.

Small businesses or beginners should prefer choosing the Search Network. Display networks can be good for branding and retargeting. 

5. Choose your keywords –

Keywords are topics or words that people type the things they are looking for in the search options. They’re the particular words and phrases found on the internet.

You can select 15-20 keywords to write an ad for the SERP. Also, you can add them, later if you want in future.

6. Set your bid –  

Google AdWords uses to set bid. Setting bid means getting your ads from various platforms. The bid is the figure that shows how much money to pay for the ad when a visitor clicks your ad. 

Setting a bid can help you get higher results than others on the search engines. 

If you are paying more for an ad than your competitors for the same keywords that will appear on the search engines, your ad will be shown more than theirs.

Google gives you two options- 

  • Manual setting
  • Automatic setting

Setting a bid will help you to pay money only when the ad is clicked.

7. Write your ad –

Writing a good ad for your business is an art.  A well-created ad attracts the attention of your customers and generates interest in your product. It leaves consumers with a strong desire to buy it. 

Always try to have a real thought while writing an ad and make it look compelling. Your message while writing an ad should be precise. It should convince a user to watch your ad and visit your website. 

8. Create your ad –

In this step, after you have completed the ad writing process, select a size for your ad, add some impactful images. 

Also, add photos to your ads.

Then, save the ad, and continue to the next process. Google will also ask you to provide your business and payment regarding information.

As your ad is online now, you can create a multiple ads campaign to target your audience. You can be sure enough to make the best returns out of your business.

Google AdWords is a tool to acquire new customers for small businesses.

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