How To Use Facebook Business Manager View: A Fresher Guide

facebook business manager

Business manager is a tool used to keep Facebook business assets organized. It is used for marketing and advertising activities on Facebook. To know how it works there are some steps that you need to follow. All the advertising activities of b2b businesses like eWorldTrade can be controlled by using a business manager. It provides access to multiple users and additional resources like Instagram. 

The major benefit is that it keeps business activities and the personal profile separate. It helps in tracking Facebook ads and their performance. Access to pages and ads can be given to vendors, partners, and agencies. Limited information that includes name and email are visible to coworkers and other personal information is hidden.

Let’s look at the setup of the business manager.

Step 1

Create a Facebook business manager account

The first step is to create an account and for that personal Facebook profile can be used. Privacy is the main factor here as your information will not be visible to coworkers or partners. Only limited information like name and email is visible to them.

  • Visit and hit the create account button on the top right corner.
  • Information like name, business name, and business email address must be entered.
Facebook business manager
  • Then the business details like address, contact number, and website must be added. The business manager account can be used to promote your own business or to provide services to other businesses. The desired option must be selected and then the submit button must be clicked. 
  • Then check your inbox to receive the confirmation email that says “Confirm Now”. 

Step 2

Add your Facebook business page 

Now you can add your Facebook page if it already exists or a new page can also be created if you don’t have one. Access to another page can also be requested in case you manage any other page for your clients. 

Clients’ Facebook page can be managed by using a business manager but it is better to avail the request access option instead of Add Page option. By adding the client’s pages to the business manager, only limited access will be given to them for business assets. This can create problems for you and your clients in future.

Facebook page can be added to the Facebook business manager by following these steps

  • Add page option can be accessed from the Business Manager dashboard. Then click the add page box in the pop-up.
  • Type the name of the business in the text box and hit the add page option. If administrator access is given to the page, then the request will be approved automatically.
  • Multiple Facebook pages can be added by repeating the same process.

Step 3

Add your Facebook ad account

It is important to note that once you add an account to the Facebook business manager, it cannot be removed later. Therefore, only add the accounts that you own. And if you want to access a client account, click the Request Access option.

Facebook ad accounts can be linked by following these steps.

  • Select the add ad account from the dashboard. And then add it again to enter the account Id.
  • In case you don’t have a Facebook ad account then follow these steps to create an account.
  • Select the ad account option from the dashboard and then create an account.
  • Then you should add all the details and click next.
  • Also, select the ad account option for your own business.

Step 4

Add people to help you manage your Facebook assets

Managing all the marketing alone can be a tough job and requires a lot of time. To divide the work, there is an option of adding team members. All the group members can be added to share the load of work.    

Add people option can be clicked from the business manager dashboard.

Then enter the email address of the team manager in the pop-up box. This step specifies adding individuals like employees, freelance contractors, or business partners instead of an agency or business. 

Access can be limited or full, depending upon your preference, All the people you add must have their work email addresses. You can give access to them on the desired pages. Toggle switches can be used to customize the access.

An account can be added by clicking the ad account option on the left menu. By customizing the access through the toggle switch again customize the access for the user. And then click the invite option. If you want to add more people. Simply click the add more people option and tap done when you are finished.

The next step is to wait for them to accept the invitation to join the Facebook business manager team.

All the people you have added will receive an email that will provide them a link to start using it. They will also get notified about the access you have given to them. You can also inform them directly about the access and email. Pending requests can be seen from the dashboard. They can also be withdrawn.

Permission can be canceled in case anyone leaves the company. To do that, follow these steps.

Click the business settings option from the top right corner of the business manager dashboard.

Then click people, Select the concerned person, who you want to remove, and click the remove option. It can also be done by hovering over the name of the person and then clicking the trash can icon option.

Step 5

Connect your business partners or ad agency

  • Click the business settings option from the top right corner of the dashboard.
  • Then click partners in the left menu and click add.
  • Use the existing business of the partner by asking for it.

Permissions can be managed by the business which is added for the individual of their team. 

Step 6

Add your Instagram account

  • After setting Facebook up, Instagram can also be connected to the Facebook manager. 
  • Click the business settings at the right top of the dashboard.
Add an Instagram account
  • Click the Instagram account on the left column and then add it. Instagram login information can be added in the pop-up box.

Step 7

Set up Facebook pixels

It is a code that Facebook provides you to place on the website. The purpose of the Facebook pixel is to give access to information that will permit optimizing Facebook ads, reach conversions and build target audiences for the ad. 

It is important to set up Facebook pixel because it will provide valuable information that helps in advertising.

Pixel setting can be done by:

  • Click the business setting from the business manager dashboard.
  • Expand the data sources menu and click pixels and then add.
  • Enter name and website for Facebook to recommend the best option. Then click continue to agree with the options of the pixels.
  • Then click the set-up pixel now.
  • Follow the instructions in the Facebook pixel guide.

Step 8

Increase security on account

Business manager is a secure service for the business assets.

  • Click the business setting in the dashboard.
  • Click the security center option in the left menu.
  • Two-factor authentication is also required to maintain security. 

After following all these steps, the account is set up to launch Facebook ads.

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