How To Use Quora Ads To Promote Your Business In 2021

Quora Ads

How about using an effective marketing tool for promoting your business??

If you are planning that,

Let me tell you that Quora is a powerful tool to be used as a marketing medium.

I will tell you why and how Quora ads can help you build your business.

In this article, we will discuss why and how Quora ads can be effective for your business.

Today, a lot of businesses are moving towards marketing and advertising. 

There are even multiple marketing tools to help you on the path to building trust with your target audience.

Marketing tools are strategies or techniques used by companies to monitor tasks, minimize human errors, manage complexity, build strong customer relationships, and bring your brand to the spotlight.

There are multiples of marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC, Chatbots, Google Analytics, GMB, Social media platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Quora as well.

Quora is another effective marketing tool that every marketer should know in 2021. This year Quora will turn 12. Quora is an information-focused site that provides relevant information to queries. People can ask questions and even can answer the questions that are asked by others.

Why Do You Need Quora To Promote Your Business?

Quora is an excellent marketing tool for advertising your company’s services or products. 

You might be wondering why you need Quora.

You already have lots of social media options available for you.

But as you know, the posts you share on social media disappear quickly and require you to re-post regularly. 

But Quora is not like that. 

When you post an answer to a question on Quora, your answer stays on that page permanently.

There are plenty of reasons why you should use Quora to promote your business.

  • Powerful tool to promote your business
  • It is a source of long term
  • Create an impressive bio
  • Quora provides you solutions to your queries
  • Quora provides you lots of experts
  • It provides you more exposure to the world
  • Quora boosts your SEO Ranking

If you have not started using Quora to promote your business, then it is high time to start thinking about it. 

Quora helps to generate organic awareness and even helps you to improve your reputation.

Now that we have seen why Quora can be proven beneficial for your business, let’s discuss how you can use Quora for marketing.

How To Use Quora?

  • Start Off With Remarketing-

 Don’t get confused by this word “remarketing”. 

 Remarketing’s purpose is to reach users who are already aware of your brand or your products/services and therefore have a much higher chance of converting.

On Quora, we have three types of remarketing–

1) website audiences 

2) list match audiences

3) question history retargeting

Why Use Remarketing?

– High Conversion Rate

– Greater Reach

– reminds about your brand to your customers

How To Start Remarketing?

– Determine your Goals

– Create a Remarketing tag

– Start your Remarketing campaign 

  • A Lookalike Audience In Quora-

 A Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new audiences who are similar to the current audiences. You can expand with lookalikes to reach out to your audience.

How To Use It?

– Define your seed audience

– Verify privacy regulations

– Match your seed audience with second-party data

– Define similarity level

– Use the lookalike audience

  • Use Customers List Properly

Another great way to target users is to use customer lists properly.

How To Build Customer Lists?

– Build a list of existing contacts

– Identify your target customers

– Obtain past customer data

– Build out your customer data

– Seek new prospects/ customers

– Utilize your network

– Refine your list

– Use data to track prospects

  • Be Smart With Question Targeting

Another way to use Quora for your business is question targeting. You can even use keywords to find people’s questions in Quora. 

Those questions can help you define the user’s intent and serve them an appropriate ad they want.

So you have come across what Quora is, why you need Quora to promote your business and how to use it.

Let’s now take a look at how to advertise and set up your Quora ad account.

How To Use A Quora Ads Account For Your Business?

  • Create An Ad Account-

Like any other ads platforms, you need to create your ad account. Once you create an ad account, you will get complete access to the Quora Ads manager.

Whatever social media platform you use, a professional profile is always essential to promote your business.

Creating an account on Quora is not that complicated. All you need is to add your name, your email address, and have to set a password. You can also sign in through your social media account or Gmail account.

  • Add Your Information In The Account-

In Quora, you can only create profiles for individuals. You can only add a minimum of 50 characters in your profile you provide. Here you have a good opportunity to include your company’s name, so readers can see where you come from and what’s your profession. 

You can also include clickable links. 

Once you’re finished adding your relevant stuff, fill out the rest of your Quora profile with:


*Education and employment

*Your location 

*A professional profile picture

  • Quora Ads Manager Dashboard-

A dashboard is a display of worksheets in a single place. It is used to monitor a variety of data at the same time.

Ads Manager Dashboard monitors all running ads on Quora. 

It’s a tool for creating ads, managing and tracking your overall campaigns on Quora. 

You will see the Ads Manager tab while logging in to the Quora ad account.

There are two sections included with the tab: Spending Summary and All Campaigns. 

  • Create A Campaign-

In this step, we are going to create a new campaign. You need to input information such as campaign name, objective, etc.

How To Create A Campaign for Quora Ads?

– Create a campaign, give a name to your campaign.

– Create an ad set.  Quora’s targeting, location settings, device settings are managed at the Ad Set level.

– Create an Ad. Add CTA to your Ad.

– A campaign objective allows your business to be shown to an audience to recall your brand, which indirectly helps to sell your product.

– There are four different campaign objectives on Quora– conversions, app installs, traffic, and brand awareness.

The campaign will be ready after filling out all information. 

Then, launch the campaign and hope for the best.

  • Setting Up Campaign Budget & Schedule-

Are you unsure of how your budgets should be set to start for your campaign?

Every budget and campaign is different.

You need to make expenditure choices that best fit your goals and needs. 

How Do Campaign Budgets Work?

– Look at an overview of your budget

– Choosing a Campaign Budget

– Confirm with your campaign strategy.

– Draw up an excel sheet

– Plan it monthly/weekly

  • Understanding Quora Pixel Basics-

Quora pixel is a place to gain and share knowledge that can help you to track the conversion rate of your Quora ads.

It allows you to identify the number of people visiting your website.

The Quora Pixel Consists Of Two Parts:

  1. the Base Pixel code and 
  2. the Event Pixel Code

With the help of Quora Pixel, you can track your conversion events that could be generic, purchases, leads, completed registration, add to cart, and more.

  • Create An Ad Set for Your Campaign-

Just like you can create ad sets in Facebook and Pinterest, you can also create ad sets on Quora.

By creating an ad set will help you optimize multiple ads at a time.

You can select a suitable strategy for your ad campaign based on the business needs.

Select a topic that’s based on the keywords and are related to your products and service. This is an important step in configuring the campaign.

  • Create Ads Based On Your Need-

The next step is to create your ad.

How To Make Quora Ads Based On Your Need?

– Select size of your ad

– Understand your customers

– Identify your competition

– Develop a strategy

– Choose illustrative and eye-catching icons

– Choose the corresponding headlines/tagline

– Add description text and 

– Create a landing page URL of your ad

– Add some impactful images

– Choose a font

– Add CTA

-Share or download your ad

Wrapping Up-

Quora Advertising is one of the best ways to promote your brand. This platform can help to keep an eye on the competitors. 

It is also the best place to discover different trends and to explore new ideas. 

Quora is a marketing platform to learn and share your knowledge, and can even promote your business to the world.

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