A Complete Guide To Instagram Ads & Why You Must Use Them

Instagram is one of the most admired social media platforms with an audience of more than 928 million people throughout the world. Thus, Instagram ads are a promising practice for brands to boost sales & engagement. 

Instagram is a platform created by Facebook, thus it has been infused with various extensive features and options for businesses to reach out to a target audience. Presently, Instagram advertising is an effective strategy for companies to boost ROI. 

However, not everyone is able to do everything right to incur best revenue using an effective Instagram strategy. If you are using it already, you are aware that each content has a different effect and return in terms of sales & customer to your brand. 

Thus, I am entailing every aspect related to Instagram ads to help you boost conversion & recognition over this amazing social media platform. So, read below & know WHY, & How to create the best Instagram ads. 

Why use Instagram ads to promote your products & services?

Instagram is the most beloved channel among businesses’ social media marketing strategy. Here are the aspects that drive businesses to leverage Instagram ads: 

  • It has 500 million daily, active users
  • Brands see 4% regular engagement from total followers on Instagram. 
  • 79% of users look for info on products over Instagram.
  • 60% of people know about a new product in the market through Instagram. 
  • 200+ million people visit business profiles on Insta once every day. 
  • One-third of Insta users make a purchase after seeing the product here. 
  • Instagram ads boost more than one billion user actions. 

As facts speak themselves, these reasons are enough to infuse this platform in your marketing strategy. Nearly, 60% of advertisers are already using Instagram ads for their clients. So, do you need any other reason to embrace Instagram strategy? 

Still not convinced? Here are benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss out any other way just. 

What are the benefits of using Instagram Ads? 

  •  Increased Audience Acquisition: Being the fastest growing social media platform, it allows brands to increase their audience tremendously. Nearly, 70% of brands have experienced 10X more audience acquisition from 2015, after the launch of Instagram.  
  • Attention: Users around the world, spend an average of 50 minutes on social media platforms- Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Thus, these platforms are most reliable for brands to gain attention & get successful. 
  • Better Target: Insta ads are based on Facebook’s advertising model, which is already robust & most promising. Facebook’s advertising system has unimaginable targeting abilities. Thus, you can specifically set your target audience by using locations, interests, demographics, behaviors, and more. Also, you can also target your previous clients/ customers using Instagram Ads. 

These are major benefits of using Instagram ads. However, many common reasons include: increased customer reach, brand recognition & loyalty, increased trust in a brand, improved sales, global recognition, and much more. 

So, are you ready to use Instagram ads this year to achieve your sales & lead target? To help you, I have enumerated a simple guide to effectively do Instagram advertising. I am sure, you won’t face any issue once you are done reading. 

Though, if you find Instagram advertising tough, hire a digital marketing agency offering Instagram advertising assistance to acquire the best results. 

instagram ads

A Simple Guide To Run Instagram Ads For Your Brand 

Using Facebook’s self-serve advertising platform, anyone can easily do instagram advertising. It allows you to have total control over ads including their appearance, target audience, and more. Altogether, it works as branding as your ads get posted directly from your business account. 

So, here are steps you need to follow to create Instagram ads on your own. 

#1: Decide what type of ads you want to run 

There are different types of ads you can run on Instagram: Photo Ads, Video Ads, Slideshow Ads, Stories Ads, Carousel Ads. 

However, while deciding over these promotion options keep your advertising objective in your mind. Whether it is lead generation or brand awareness each of these posts can help you a different way with a different type of content. 

#2: Link Your Insta Account To Facebook 

Once you decide your ad type and content, connect your Instagram account to the Facebook page. Go on Facebook setting page and use “Instagram Ads”. 

Click on “Log In” & enter your Instagram login ID and password.

#3. Create an Ad campaign  

Once you succeed in linking accounts, visit the “Ads Manager” page & create your first ad campaign. To design ads you can use Power Editor. 

In Ads Manager, press the tab named “Campaigns”. There you will see “+create” at the top left corner of the screen. After you are done clicking on “+create”, decide & select your campaign objective. Though, you must know that all objectives are not compatible with Stories Ads. 

#4: Create Your Insta Ads Set 

Visit the Ad set page, choose the type of conversion you want to optimize for. It is also possible to add by “On” ‘offer’ option. 

Once you do this, decide who will be seeing your ads and money you want to spend. Instagram Ads are 100% similar to Facebook ads. 

In case you want, you can even add a Custom Audience and select them as a major target. 

Next, choose ad placement. Besides, there is an option to run the same ad on Fb and Messenger. 

The budget option allows you to make changes at any point in time, once you are done “Continue” tab is right there to go on. 

The next screen will allow you to optimize your ad format. Once you decide, upload images or videos. Remember, the Canvas format isn’t compatible with this platform. 

Later write the text in the text box given that your ad contains. Previewing the ads option is also available. Once you are done use the “Place Order” button. 

#5. Analyze And Optimize More 

Your job isn’t done after running ads, you need to keep a keen eye on its performance and test everything reportedly to gain more ROI. 

Final Words

Instagram Ads can turn out to be greatly useful to become an incredible brand and gain recognition among global audiences. 

Surely, now you would have understood that it won’t be hard to optimize ads on Instagram anymore. In case you find it hard then get expert’s assistance from companies that offer Instagram Advertising services that can help you manage everything and achieve desired objectives.

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