3 Facebook Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Sales

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with a 2.7 billion monthly active user base and has become a major part of people’s daily life. Each of us scrolls through Facebook feeds at least once a day.

Thus, leveraging this platform to reaching prospective customers is most sought-after among small businesses, eCommerce, and retail stores. And! Facebook Ads are a major supporting aspect in these endeavors of businesses.

Yes! You can use Facebook to reach your target customers within and outside your city by using Facebook Marketing.

How??? Do not stress your mind, in this article we will look at how you can use Facebook marketing strategies to boost your sales.

3 Facebook Marketing Strategies To Exploit In 2020-21 To Boost Your Sales

1. Carousel Ads

Haven’t you seen Ads over Facebook having pictures of multiple products? Those Ads are a great way to boost sales by showing up your products to the target audience.

These ads are termed carousel ads and show up to customers while scrolling through the feed. These attractive and splendid ads draw people to your business and inspire them to make purchases.

Possibly, people wouldn’t make an immediate purchase but these ads carve an image of your brand in their mind and they come up later to you to buy the products after getting attracted by them over Facebook.

Carousel ads are the best strategy to boost your sales, and you must leverage their potential to expand your target reach.

How to run carousel ads on Facebook?

Before setting up for running a carousel ad, you would need images of the product you want to advertise. Thus, consider image sizes (recommended by Facebook) and infuse relevant content in the images.

Make inspiring creatives for carousel ad format. You can also create mockups in Creative Hub and make them live later.

Moving forward you need to set up a Facebook Ads Manager.

• Go forward to “Promote on your Page”.
• Choose “Get More Website Visitors”
• Fill up the URL of the landing page where you want to direct people when they click over the ads.
• Select Carousel under the “Format” option.
• Now if you want to add filters, crop, and etc click on “Edit Image”
• Infuse headline, text, and CTA for each image.
• Complete other sections: Audience, Duration, Budget, and Payment.
• Once done click on “Promote”, It makes your ad live to be viewed by your target audience.

Isn’t it simple? You can also consult with social media experts to run Facebook ad campaigns and can do it yourself.

2. Video Advert

Facebook enables you to promote your products and services via different types of content and strategies. Video Advert is another tactic you can leverage to market your products and brand.

Actually, Facebook’s algorithm spruce video content. Thus, video content is more likely to reach a wider audience compared to any other content type. Moreover, videos are more engaging than pictures.

Per Statistics, more than half of Facebook users watch videos on the platform. As videos start instantly while scrolling, people are more likely to get attracted to video adverts.


How to run a video advert campaign on Facebook?

Running video advertisements is simple but you need a video with appealing graphics and a relevant message. When you have a video, here is the process you need to follow.

• Visit Ads Manager and click on “Create”.
• Pick the objective of the video and then click on “Continue”.
• Fill up target audience, placement, and budget and “Continue”.
• Note: Don’t forget to check or change default placement to ensure running the advertisement at an eligible state.
• Select the ad options from the Formats section as “Video”.
• Then upload your video in Ads Manager via clicking on “Upload Video”.
• Browse the video/ slideshow.
• Click Customise video to crop and change aspect ratio, Apply Changes.
• Now your video will be eligible for different placement depending on aspect ratio.
• Explore the other options and when you are done click on “Confirm” to publish.

Now your video is live to lure the hearts of people and inspire them to purchase your products. Though, it is critical that you have a video appealing and rich with visuals, message to grab attention. Ensure to have relevancy and leave a remark through content.

Thus, it is recommended to research the interest of your target audience and content they cherish over social media.

3. Facebook Offers

Facebook Adds another admiring assistance is Offers, it allows you to advertise offers and discounts in an eye-catchy format and spread the Ad over the platform. If you are having a sale on the products and offering some discount, you can create offer ads that appear as introductory offers and inspire TG to make a purchase.

Offers like 25% off on products always gain the attention of people. The best thing about this ad format is that it fills the gap between a sale and marketing. Moreover, when they click on this ad they receive a unique code that they can use on your website. It is the method of “social proof”.

Don’t you think it is a brilliant way to leverage Facebook Ads and draw customers to your website?

How to run Facebook offers advert?

Setting up a Facebook offer is hassle-free, and quick process. Here is all that you need to do.

• Visit your Facebook page and click on “Offer”.
• Now click on Create offers.
• Fill in a description of your offer and the date of expiration. (You can run the offer for both longer and shorter period ).
• Infuse photos and choose whether people can use this offer In-store or online.
• It also allows you to add a promo code and terms and conditions.
• Now click on Publish. The ad is live to bring new customers.

I am sure you wouldn’t have tried this feature yet, and I can bet nothing is easier than this tactic when it comes to leverage Facebook Ads. Moreover, the offers are very much similar to Facebook ads and let you alter your targeting.

Final Text

The above strategies of Facebook advertising allow you to leverage the full potential of the platform and provide you access to the world’s largest audience base in a single place. Businesses all across the world are using this platform to reach out to their customers and the platform is thriving as a commercial space.

Thus, it is important that you pluck the roses by establishing yourself as a brand over the platform. Another aspect of appreciation is that you can practice these strategies on your own or take help from expert social media managers.

If you know little about these strategies and facing issues in implementing them, you can take help from an expert digital marketing agency with hands-on experience in Facebook advertising and engagement boosting. Hope you find the article helpful, if you want to know more about these strategies, you can let me know in the comment section.

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