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A Guide To Copywriting PPC Ads For More Conversion

Running PPC Ads is like speculation. If done right, it gives big rewards if not, a lot of energy, time, and money is wasted.

You have only a fraction of a second to catch a client’s eye and even less amount of space.

Most copywriters and marketers worry so much about ROI, conversion rates, campaigns, that they forget to focus on writing ad copy that will sell.

What they don’t know is that to increase click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CVR), the most basic and foremost thing is to optimize your ad copy. 

Calling attention to the key elements of your service or product will motivate the potential customers to click it.

In short, gripping ad copy is a gateway to a successful PPC campaign.

Following are the tips and techniques used by all successful marketers and content/copywriters that helped them create stellar PPC ads, which will help you too.

Here we go,

1. Keyword Research: 

The Best way to figure out what will work best is to find out what is working best.

The biggest mistake businesses make while writing PPC ad copy is not to give enough importance and time to find out keywords that will drive traffic. 

PPC keyword research is as important as SEO keyword research which was done by content writers.

To connect to your audience, you have to use the exact keywords that your customer is using.

To do that, you have to make a list of all the words or phrases that your potential customer might be searching for when they think about your product or service

Now, this might be a little overwhelming. So you can do it in three steps:

(a) Write all the possible words and phrases that you can think of relating to your product or service. (you can also use some keywords from your previous content that worked well. It will drive people who are already familiar with your brand).

(b) Now, here comes the use of keyword research tools.

Some of the widely used and best free keyword research tools are:

(i) Google’s keyword planner

(ii) And Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

Enlarge the previous list by adding the keywords that you found on these tools.

(c) By learning the search volume of your keywords, you can pick out all the low competitive and high competitive keywords and find out what will work best for you.

2. Writing Good Headline:

You have all the keywords that you are going to infuse in your ad text, yet you can’t figure out how to write a good headline?

The answer is simple- Make it simple. (ha! you saw what I did there)

There is no need to brag about your service. Just clearly show it. It makes the copy extra effective + attractive.

3. Be Direct And Particular:

As mentioned above, being specific in what you are writing in your ad copy is the most basic thing to start with.

Your potential client doesn’t care about a short, little popup of an ad that is talking about their brand, unless it is addressing their issue, solving their problem, giving them benefit, or accomplishing their goal.

Also, address specifically to your target audience.

This is a very basic thing, but it is unfortunate how many times businesses make the readers roam in circles and make them guess what they are trying to sell.

Instead of writing a comprehensive copy and giving too much information, a head-on copy will create a bigger impact and will increase click-through rates.

4. Answer The ‘Why’: 

Now here’s the thing, people do not just buy things off. 

You have to give them a reason why they should click on your ad.

  • Are you solving their problem?
  • Are you saving their money?
  • Are you saving time?
  • What benefit will they have, by clicking on your ad?

Keep these questions in mind, then accordingly optimize your ad copy. Match their queries with your solutions. Copywriters at digital marketing agency tell this is a subtle art to write best performing PPC Ads. 

5. Activate Emotions From A Client:

Humans are emotional beings, they cry, laugh, fear, feel jealous, etc. 

All you have to do evoke these feelings from them and use it as an advantage.

Make them believe that you are the one that will take them out of their problem.

To know what emotions to trigger, first, you have to understand who are your target clients. 

From what mindset they are coming to you? 

Once you understand this, you can easily write a copy that will trigger the emotions from potential prospects.

Emotionally stimulating ads tend to perform better because it emotionally binds the clients and helps in building trust.

If you don’t know what emotion to trigger, just phrase your headline as a question. 

Or try to add some humor without being offensive.

Here’s a quick tip: Always address as ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘our’, ‘us’. It makes the person feel like they are talking to a person rather than the whole company.

6. Add Relevant Stats And Numbers:

Adding relevant numbers and stats in your ad copy makes you stand out, look trustworthy, and make your copy credible.

When the consumer will click on your ad and get exactly what they wanted, they will stay.

A lot of content writers and marketers try this technique in blog posts and ad campaigns.

A quick tip: Don’t write numbers in the only headline, but in the text as well.


7. Stand Out From The Crowd:

It is very important to separate yourself from the competition.

  • Ask yourself what it is about your brand that makes you stand out among the rest of the competitors?
  • What it is that only you can offer to people?

Answer to these questions is your biggest strength.

Now as you know, there is only limited space to win a client in an ad copy. You cannot display all awesomeness of your business there.

So sit down and do your homework of researching and concise all the benefits of your services and products that only you are providing and none of your competitors into keywords and incorporate them in your copy.

8. End With Call-To-Action:

This is probably the most important tip here.

After reading your ad, a person must not have to think okay now what to do.

It is very important to show them clearly, where they have to click to reach out to you. 

And give them only one-click button. Either ask them to sign up or buy or apply or something like that.

Don’t make them do all of these things at once.

It confuses them and diverts their attention.

You can also add CTA with keywords and offer to make your copy more lucrative.

9. Merge Content Marketing And PPC:

Sounds weird, right?

Now you may be wondering content writing and PPC are two different things, how they can be merged?

Hear us out! 

The main motive of the PPC campaign is to drive more traffic, but it is difficult to always make them stay.

So, it is mandatory to always provide them with quality content.

One proven way that can do this is to talk to your content marketing agency and bring out content that is already working well in the market and is bringing organic traffic.

Using optimized keywords from your well-doing content will leverage your PPC ad copy.

Merging Content marketing and PPC will give you the following benefits:

(a) Leverage your Seasonal Content

(b) More traffic

(c) More visibility to both content and PPC

10. It Is Not About You, It’s About The User:

We cannot emphasize this enough, that it is about the potential customer. Try thinking like a user, will you be interested in your own ad if you were a user?

A lot of the time we come around ads that only talk about their brand, their products.

Adopting a user mindset will help you critique the ad copy you have written. Make it personalized to your target audience. 

clients need to go like oh this is for me! 

11. Spelling-check, Grammar-check:

Proofread your ad copy at least two times. 

You are going to spend a certain amount of money and energy to run this campaign, it would be really stupid if your click-through rate is declining just because you wrote a spelling wrong. 

You don’t want to make these silly mistakes, right? 

You can use any free spell-check tool ou there to spot and correct your mistakes.

12. Do, But Don’t Overdo:

After reading so many tips and techniques and everything. Writers try to implement everything in one copy.

Let’s say you wrote a very punchy ad copy and created hype around your content or product. And if the users clicked on it, and did not feel satisfied on the landing page.

They will feel betrayed. It will result in decline in conversion rate. This can result in loss of traffic and can harm the reputation of the business. And we don’t want that, right?

Per deft lead generation agency, this tells that increase in CTR doesn’t always mean an increase in CVR. 

Our ultimate aim is to enhance engagement and convert traffic into customers. Stop incorporating everything that anyone says.

Take a breath and see what will work best for your business and do just that.


So there you have it, all the tips to write irresistible PPC Ads.

Now, it’s your turn to tell us some techniques that you use to write PPC ads texts that work well.

Comment down below your best tips.
If you are new to the PPC Ads campaign and find it complicated, you can reach out to PPC experts and copywriters to ensure the maximum outcome.

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