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How Facebook Ads improve Business Sales In 2021?

Are you using Facebook ads to increase your business sales ??

It is an effective way for any owner to attract more customers to improve sales.

Social media, nowadays, has become an integral part of any business to grow. People use social media to find products and solve their issues. If a business wants to grow, they need social media presence to attract more customers.

And Facebook has always been the first choice for everyone even for promoting businesses.

If you are not advertising on Facebook, you definitely should try now. And if you are trying Facebook ads, then look at how Facebook ads can improve your business sales lately.

Let’s have a look at

How Facebook Ads Work

1. Target your Current Audiences

Finding a new niche is more costly than engaging in an existing audience.

So why waste your money if you can save your budget while targeting your existing one.

Your existing customers and followers can respond to your ad positively since they know you and your services very well.

How to attract your existing audiences?

  • Give a reply to your existing customers on their feedback
  • Offer your customers coupon codes and discounts
  • Ask your customers to give reviews
  • Offer your customers exciting gifts

This way is much better than targeting new customers who are not aware of your services.

So aim at spreading your brand awareness by promoting your services to your existing audience.

2. Set up your Custom Audiences

People have started advertising on Facebook now. And so custom audiences are becoming important for any business. 

Facebook targeting can easily define your audience.

But, how can you find those who are interested in your business offers?

Facebook Pixel can help you with that.

You can create a custom audience or a lookalike audience on Facebook.

You can create a tailor-made audience from your existing customer database based on your mailing list, or even recent visitors to your website.

There are different types of custom audiences-

  • Contact list audiences
  • Website traffic audiences
  • Post engagement audiences

How to set up custom audiences?

  • Create a list of your custom customers
  • Add the customer you want based on demographics, locations, etc.
  • Add customer’s  information and details

How to expand your custom audiences?

  • Make use of Facebook ads effectively
  • Test your ads to increase conversion
  • Use Facebook audience insights

So by creating a list of your custom audience, you can easily build content that would fit each of your audience’s interests.

Facebook carousel ads enable advertisers to display many products within a single ad.

  • It looks attractive and unique
  • You can easily show multiple products in one ad and work together
  • Capture users attraction by using images
  • Make use of headline, descriptions, CTA s, and more ad elements
  • Tell a powerful story 
  • Do automatic optimization
  • Link each ad to your landing page

However, and whatever your business or industry is about, you cannot afford to be missing out on Facebook carousel ads.

4. Make use of Video Ads to attract customers

Video ads !! People will love it.

You can easily attract more customers through video ads.

Nowadays, people prefer watching videos more than reading any books. 

These ads can be entertaining as well as informative. 

Why do you need to use Video Ads?

  • It boosts your conversion rate
  • It shows positive ROI
  • It builds trust
  • It encourages social shares

Facebook has 5 video ads options- 

Instream ads feed ads, story ads, marketplace ads, and video feed ads. 

How to use Video Ads?

  • Make closeups videos of your products and services
  • Include subtitles in ads
  • Add brand color and logo
  • Share ads on multiple channels
  • Make it shareable on multiple channels
  • Create a clear and powerful story
  • Turn images and text into a video ad.
  • Make use of carousel video ads

5. Generate more Qualified Leads

Lead generation must be needed for any business to increase sales. 

But what is Lead generation? 

How can it help?

What tactics are used to generate more leads?

Leads are consumers or businesses that desire to buy your products or services.

How to Generate more Leads for your Business?

  • Offer values/free trials to your visitors
  • Optimize your conversion rate
  • Offer unique content
  • Optimize your landing page
  • Do A/B testing
  • Make use of strong CTA
  • Be active on social media
  • Make use of tools to find leads

Tools to identify leads are- 

  • Apollo
  • ClickPoint
  • Cognism
  • Conversica
  • Pardot

6. Make your Brand Awareness to your customers

The most important thing to make any brand or business visible is to get people to know about them.

If you want to achieve success in your business, the first step is to establish your brand presence.

Why do you need Brand Awareness?

  • Bring business success
  • Build trust and credibility 
  • Measure your brand visibility

How to build Brand Awareness?

  • Know your target audiences
  • Pay attention to social media platforms
  • Do SEO research
  • Look for bloggers and influencers
  • Make use of video marketing

You can create a brand awareness campaign so that your customers get to know more about you and what you offer.

Why do you need to increase Brand Awareness through Campaigns?

  • Increase customer recognition
  • Build credibility
  • Brand visibility
  • Build customer loyalty

7. Provide Facebook Offers

Are you planning to reward your Facebook customers??

Have you thought about Facebook offers?

Giving Facebook offers is a great way to reward your customers, and increase your brand awareness and sales.

How to provide Facebook Offers?

  • Ask customers what they value and want
  • Plan your offer campaigns beforehand
  • Promote your current Facebook offers

Why should you Offer Customers Discounts?

  • Attract customers
  • Build customer’s loyalty
  • Increase sales
  • Drive site traffic
  • Drive repeat customers

8. Boost existing products of your business

Boosting your new products and the current ones are in some way the same. But all you need is proper technique/tactics.

People now mainly focus on promoting new products and attract new customers and often forget about existing ones.

Always stay connected with your current customers for your business.

How to boost your existing products?

  • Promote your existing products regularly
  • Offer discounts and coupon codes
  • Make easy while purchasing for your customers
  • Research on your market
  • Ask customers to provide feedback

9. Strengthen your Brand Identity

Brand identity shows how you present your business to the public.

 It determines how you choose your domain name, the design of your logo, the graphics for your business, and the language you need to use.

A good brand identity increases the chances of your business’s success.

Why do you need to strengthen your Brand Identity?

  • It reflects your brand identity
  • It leads to customer’s loyalty
  • It can find potential customers

How to strengthen your Brand Identity?

  • Understand your brand and yourself
  • Keep a mindset of your customer in your mind
  • Market your brand
  • Invest in social media

A brand identity for a business is vital for proper organization, planning, and process. 

10.  Give Social Proof

What will be more wonderful by giving social proof to your customers to generate more leads !!

If you want customers to believe in you, then social proof is necessary.

How to give Social Proof?

  • Ask questions to Your Customers
  • Share your testimonials/case studies
  • Make powerful stories
  • Transform testimonials into graphics, presentations, videos, etc.

The customer’s voice is your most powerful marketing tool which can help you get the best results.

11. Create Promotion for your Business

Promotion in any business is needed to let others know about your business. 

They make potential customers aware of your services and their benefits. 

 The more you promote your brand, the more customers will be interested in your business. 

How to create Promotion Ads for Events?

  • Discover new ideas
  • Define your goals
  • Create infographic content
  • Make use of speakers/influencers for your promotions
  • Have clear communication and provide instructions
  • Use real and professional images
  • Tell stories and encourage to share

12. Create Strong CTAs

The Calls to Action define what your conversion rates are. 

CTA s can easily convince customers to achieve your goals.

Why do you need CTAs?

  • Show what their next step is.
  • Catches customer’s attention

Adding CTAs to your Facebook ads connect your followers to your product or services.

How to create CTAs?

  • Keep the page clear and clean
  • Be imaginative
  • Have a personal conversation with people
  • Show them the sense of urgency

Strong CTAs will actively drive your customers to click, and boost your potential sale.

13. Target Website Visitors & Email Subscribers

Businesses use Facebook ads to reach out to new customers for new sales. 

You can even target people who have already visited your website and are familiar with your brand. 

How to Target Visitors and Email Subscribers?

  • Encourage Subscribers to Forward Your Emails
  • Create a custom audience
  • Make a list of phrases related to the topic
  • Use mobile-friendly templates.
  • Craft short and wonderful subject lines 
  • Personalize email

Now, Facebook will also target users who have already been on your website. 

You’re much more likely to increase your sales by using this technique.

14. Emphasis on Audiences Emotions

What makes a piece of ad more attractive? 

The secret of all this is emotion.

If you want people to interact with your business, Make use of emotions that force them to take action.

How to emphasize the audience’s emotions?

  • Tell a powerful and intriguing story
  • Make feel special to your audience 
  • Build a strong bond with your customers
  • Make use of mystery
  • Build trust with your customers
  • Make use of humor
  • Surprise your audiences

Targeting emotions is a good strategy to attract more customers and increase your sales.


Using these tricks, you can increase your sales for your business.

If you are interested in increasing your sales through Facebook ads for your business.

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