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How to Do CRO And SEO Strategies Work Together For Generating More Leads In 2021

Planning to work out CRO and SEO together to generate more leads?

But don’t know how to.

Well, we have a solution here!!

In this blog, we will discuss who CRO marketing is and how CRO strategy works with SEO to generate more leads.

SEO, SMO, CMO, CRO… Give me a moment, What do all of these all mean?

It’s another one of those words that every marketer loves to work on.

However, Each of these acronyms has something in common 

and i.e., “OPTIMIZATION.”

Whether we talk about UI, or SEO or the conversion rate for your website, every digital marketer needs to optimize everything.

 But how to work on increasing the conversion rate of your website?

There is a tool in digital marketing to raise the conversion rate of any website and i.e., Conversion Rate Optimization.

CRO marketing is a process of increasing the conversion rate of a website from existing traffic.

Most of the marketing focus on improving site traffic or generating more leads. CRO marketing helps you in creating a strategy to optimize your website and increase more web traffic and get more customers. CRO helps you to study your customers.

Many marketing strategies focus on generating more leads to improve the conversion rate of your website.

That’s what CRO marketing does, and you can easily earn more conversions.

Importance of CRO Marketing-

  • Build on and optimize your new leads
  • Earn more conversion and more revenue
  • Improve your UI
  • Build brand visibility

How to do CRO marketing?

Well, CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. It is a process where your website and content are optimized to earn more conversion.

Now you have an idea why CRO marketing is essential, let’s take a look at how to do CRO marketing.

  • Identify your conversion type
  • Map your customer journey
  • Analyze your current conversion process
  • Perform A/B testing

How to combine CRO strategy with SEO?

SEO are types of strategies that drive more traffic from search engines to your website.

It is a long-term process that establishes your website and helps you to increase your brand’s online presence.

Businesses focus on driving more conversions and try to earn more sales. This is where CRO and SEO work together. SEO collects leads to your website and CRO converts those leads.

Now how to combine these two strategies together to generate more leads.

  1. Build a strong SEO foundation 

Building a strong SEO foundation involves multiple ways.

They are-

  • Identify your audiences for SEO

Find out who exactly are your ideal customers. Identify your niche on the basis of demographics, locations, and gender and qualifications etc. 

When you’re new to the market, make yourself stand out from others, this is what makes you unique.

  • Make sure your website has its speed

Your website page should be loaded with fast internet. Make use of tools to have a fast landing page. Make use of a content delivery network to make your website faster.

  • Optimize On-Page SEO

The key to build your business brand is having a successful online presence. 

You need to drive as much traffic to your content if you are a startup or new to this business. You need to employ on-page SEO strategies. A good title, use of keywords, good content is what makes your website good.

Also, make use of URLs and the royal SEO treatment to increase your conversion rate.

  • Create a sitemap 

XML sitemaps are the most effective for SEO as they make it easy for search engines to discover and navigate your content.

However, nothing more beneficial than an SEO strategy. This will help you in creating high-quality, authentic content to raise your conversion rate and generate more leads.

  1. Create helpful content for your website

Both content and SEO are interrelated. Content can’t be made with good SEO strategies, and SEO does all for quality content. 

Every customer looks through search engines to get answers to their queries through the content a business provides.

As a marketer you create those content, to provide valuable answers to customer’s questions. And all of this can only be possible through extensive keyword research and on-page optimization.

How to create helpful content for a website?
  • Make a list of topics
  • Make use of relevant keywords
  • Study your competition
  • Do market research
  • Measure your overall performances 

When working on topic ideas and doing keyword research, create a goal for the content that you work on and publish on the website.

Build this goal into your content calendar and add call-to-action (CTA) on each page that you publish.

This can help you to think beyond just traffic and you can raise your conversion rate easily.

  1. Create CTA + Keywords

Your website content with a great SEO strategy can increase your CRO. You can place the right keywords on your web pages to attract visitor’s attention and urge them to click on the CTA button.

A good CTA should provide overall added value to the reader.

How to create CTA for a website?
  • Make use of actionable words
  • Make your customer feel a sense of urgency
  • Try to build curiosity
  • Let your customer understand why they need your services
  • Make it persistent
  • Place it strategically on your content
  • Find pain points and give solutions

Yes, keywords using appropriately in your website content can help in SEO rankings. 

How to do Keyword Research?
  • Understand what the client wants 
  • Build a list of keyword research
  • Find questions to enhance your page
  • Find keyword opportunities by studying your competitors
  • Add the lists of keywords you selected
  1. Do Testing, optimizing regularly

User experience is the centre part of both SEO and CRO to increase the conversion rate for any website. 

If your website is slow, and hard to navigate, it’s going to decrease your traffic and conversion rate as well. 

You need to test and optimize your website regularly to have a frictionless browsing experience for your users thereby increasing to convert.

Here come A/B testing importances.  A/B testing avoids risks. Anything can be A/B tested on websites, but for SEO purposes, there are certain elements to test to increase keyword rankings improvements and raise the conversion rate.

  • Title tags
  • Schema markup
  • Internal links
  • Content
  • Site migration
Step-by-step process of an SEO A/B testing-
  • Do a site backup
  • Determine the variant being tested
  • Wait 7-14 days to identify the impact
  • Compare the keyword rankings to the original one
  1. Identify marketing gaps in funnel

Both SEO and CRO can help you identify and fix any marketing gaps in your funnel.

You have your website product page. That product page has a good primary keyword and generates many traffics. 

But, when you look for conversion rate,  very few users land on that page and have a very less conversion rate.

Do thorough research on that product page. Improve its content and try to do regular A/B testing. Any technical issues may result in the marketing gap in the funnel itself.

Revisit the content on that page and optimize that page again. 

If you don’t do that, then you are missing out on hundreds of potential conversions.

  1. Integrate with Social Media

Google also needs social proof. If you could give that you can easily increase your ranking and increase the chances of conversions.

Make sure your content is:

  • Interesting & Unique content
  • Likeable
  • Educative and witty
How to integrate with Social Media?
  • Have account on multiple social media accounts
  • Promote your brand awareness on social media
  • Create user-generated content
  • Optimize landing page
  • Create FOMO
  • Make it shareable on multiple platforms


SEO and CRO is kind of like the digital marketing version of a coin, head, and tail.

Both are interconnected to each other when it comes to conversion rate.

Doesn’t matter, which one is a better choice, but what really matters is that by doing so your website has the potential to generate more leads and revenue for your business.

If you want to know more information about how to combine CRO with SEO to raise your conversion rate and generate more leads.

Feel free to contact us today.

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