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15 Most Effective Tools For Social Media Marketing For 2021

Are you trying to grow your business through social media marketing in 2021?

Then, yes you are coming at the right place to get your answer.

There are tools that are designed to raise your brand presence and scale qualified traffic for your website.

In this article, we will discuss the 15 most effective tools for social media marketing for 2021.

Information and Communication technology has changed rapidly in these 10 years, with the emergence of Social Media. 

Social Media has also it’s huge impact on how businesses find and communicate with their audiences.

In the early days, Businesses professionals had to travel far across and had to attend events to find their targeted audiences. Now, everything has become easy with just a tap. 

Social Media has transformed that by –

*Allowing startups to get in front of their target group of people.

*Changing the way that a business communicates with their clients.

*Allows businesses to become omnipresent

*Help businesses gauge Audience Feedback

Due to the impact of social media, the relationship between brands and customers have changed and become stronger than before. Companies create strategies to target their audiences through social media. Starting from startups to large businesses, everyone is adopting social media marketing to make their brand and products visible to the world. 

Social Media Marketing has a tremendous effect on business. Social media marketing is a way to use social media platforms to promote a product or service, to connect with audiences to build a brand, which directly increases sales and drives website traffic to a business.

It is one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies helping you to grow your visibility and brand awareness.

Moreover, you cannot simply dominate social media without some effective tools in your arsenal. Good social media tools help you to improve your social presence.

Check out some effective tools of social media marketing that are best for your business. 

Let’s dive in then…

15 Effective Tools For Social Media Marketing For 2021

Social Media Marketing Tools guide businesses to get on the top list in social media platforms and help to create marketing campaigns that lure customers.

Below there are some most popular Social Media Platforms used worldwide.

1. SEMRush –


SEMRush is an SEO tool that offers solutions for SEO, PPC, Content, social media, and many more. 

This tool helps you to do your keyword research, tracks keyword strategy used by your competition, and a lot more.


  • This tool monitors posting, tracking, promotion, and analytics in social media channels.
  • It will guide you to analyze your social performance.
  • It supports planning and scheduling the posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • Posts can be saved as drafts to use later in social media.

This tool will guide you to build the most effective social media strategy and help you to monitor your social performance.


  1. Easily Monitor and Manage Your Organic Rankings
  2. Develop Compelling and Creative PPC Campaigns
  3. Analyze & Track Social Media Effectiveness
  4. It gives a 360-degree view of competition research
  5. Your site metrics at one place
  6. The pricing doesn’t burn your pockets
  7. Keyword research made easy with Semrush
  8. Easy to use, and providing accurate data

Semrush is an advanced SEO tool that helps you boost your overall organic traffic. 

Give a try and see the results from this tool..

2. Tailwind –


Tailwind is a perfect social media tool to help schedule and automatically public posts to Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwind is 100% safe to use as it is an official partner of Pinterest & Instagram.


  • This tool will assist you to pick the right time to post on social media platforms.
  • It also provides suggestions of multiple viral hashtags that will raise your reach.
  • It has features to automatically pin at the best times for more engagement, reach, and website traffic.
  • This tool provides friendly analytics.
  • It has a drag-and-drop calendar that will help you to schedule your tasks 
  •  Tailwind helps you to gain popularity on social media by ensuring you to post during that time when you will get more exposure. Tailwind also offers detailed analytics, to know exactly how well performance is doing.


  1. Expand the Reach of Your Brand
  2. Send Timely Pins and Posts
  3. Improve Engagement with Followers
  4. Central Place to Manage Your Social Media Activities
  5. Access to Learning Resources
  6. Easier to Maintain Content
  7. Reach new audiences
  8. Schedule multiple images easily.

Tailwind is a reliable tool that enables you to upload bulk content, define and schedule time slots, and receive insights into the posts performance.

3. HubSpot –


HubSpot offers a business to grow better and helps to generate leads, increase sales, streamline customer service, or build a powerful website.

HubSpot is a marketing Software for your entire team that helps in monitoring of blogging, landing pages, partitioning, Social Media, SEO, and many more.


  • You can build marketing campaigns as well as share blog posts, landing pages, etc.
  • It provides the facility for content scheduling.
  • It provides suggestions for the best time to post a content for your social media marketing
  • You can create custom keyword monitoring streams for your team.
  • You will be able to get reports of your overall performance of different platforms, campaigns, and publishing times.

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub can be used by businesses of all sizes. It will bring your team, tools, and data together in one place to streamline your marketing.


  1. It’s An All-In-One Marketing
  2. Features Are Customizable
  3. Use It To Grow Your Business
  4. SEO feature of Hubspot is also good
  5. It boosts lead tracking and conversions
  6. It’s got an integrated CRM
  7. The Hubspot community is friendly.
  8. Hubspot offers ready to use marketing funnel

HubSpot provides many universal benefits that make it a great fit for social media marketing, website, sales, and service needs.

4. Onlypult –


The Onlypult is a platform that makes it easier related to social media’s tasks for people and businesses.  Onlypult is a software that helps businesses to post blogs, and messages, and other posts across multiple platforms.


  • You can schedule posts and publish your content easily in real-time.
  • You can manage multiple accounts from one window at the same time with these tools.
  • You can analyze the best time to publish your posts on social media.
  • You can analyze the most popular hashtags with Onlypult.
  • It provides features to create multiple links and micro landing pages.

Onlypult is a platform that will let you work with various social media platforms with the functionalities of an image editor, analytics, planner, automatic post deletion, video editor, etc.


  1. It helps in scheduling the posts for Instagram.
  2. This tool helps in analyzing the response and tracking the performance.
  3. The tool has helped many marketers manage multiple accounts with simple and easy to use.
  4. It gives businesses the capability to track discussions on social media networks and channels that are related to their brands, products, and services.
  5. It helps to easily find potential customers and conduct effective competitor analysis.
  6. It supports social media content calendars and helps you manage different types of content on each channel

5. IFTTT –


IFTTT means If This, Then That. This tool, IFTTT is a powerful automated software that links all your apps and services together to automate multi-step tasks in whichever way you want.


  • Automatically backup your call logs, images, and videos to Google drive.
  • Send Email reminders for Social Media Tasks.
  • Fully Automated Content Curation Tasks.
  • Automated Marketing setup like blog posts and Tweets on scheduled time.

This tool IFTTT is absolutely free and easy to use.


  1. This tool mute your mobile device  during meetings
  2. It connects your multiple  social media accounts
  3. You can use Google calendar as a time tracker with the help of this tool.
  4. It helps to find out about new grants in your area
  5. This tool saves Gmail’s Email attachment to Google Drive.
  6. It monitors stock prices in Google spreadsheets
  7.  It is fabulous, clean, and easy to use.

6. Buffer –


You can plan and schedule your stories on your social media platforms with the help of this tool, Buffer. It will send you a notification with everything you need to share before you post on social media.

This tool is designed to manage accounts in social networks. It is used to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and inspect their results. 


  • Buffer allows users to schedule posts
  • It supports multiple social networks
  • It Provides insight 
  • A robust dashboard for comprehensive, user-friendly use.
  • A dashboard to study the progress and performance of all your social media posts.


  1. Creates an organized layout which easily keeps all accounts in social media updated.
  2. With one simple click, you will be able to share content and schedule posts on multiple social media platforms.
  3. It allows you to share and schedule posts on Pinterest.
  4. It shows the best and worst-performing posts based on audience engagement.
  5. It helps you to find the best time to post on social media to get maximum engagement.
  6. Clean and simple layout

7. Meet Edgar –

Meet Edgar

MeetEdgar is a social media tool that maximizes your content strategy. Users can schedule posts, choosing when and where the content would be published. Another benefit of this tool is that it ensures the users can recycle old posts.


  • Helps to organize and schedule posts.
  • recycles the popular old posts.
  • It helps to create a library listed with edited posts and updated posts 
  • Helps to save time by adding content to Edgar’s handy browser update.


  1. It is a great way to keep recycling your content.
  2. It helps in scheduling and organizing content to automate publishing. 
  3. It is a simple tool allowing users to schedule posts and tracking social media posts
  4. It helps businesses achieve social media engagement goals, increases website traffic and sales as well.
  5. It is budget-friendly
  6. It maximizes your content strategy

8. Animoto –


Animoto is a great online tool with which you can create your own videos by adding your photos, clips, and even music. This tool lets you create tailor-made videos with flexible controls that let you adjust colors and design to suit your needs.


  • Nearly 100s  of templates and themes to choose from to create appealing videos.
  • Preview and download your video before posting on social media.
  • This tool helps to add texts to muted videos to assist the audience.
  • It is a dedicated tool to schedule, organize and track video campaigns.


  1. It is easy to use for users
  2. This tool helps in creating videos using your own photos.
  3. It is also used to enhance and promote a business brand, drive website traffic and increase sales.
  4. You can even download the video and post it on your social media
  5. It helps to schedule, organize and track video campaign

9. Canva –


Canva is an online graphics tool that is simple to use, offering loads of templates for creating videos. It is an easy tool to create visuals in less time.


  • Nearly with 2 million templates for the purpose of design.
  • A robust infographics maker drag and drop feature.
  • Automated size adjustments.
  • High-resolution designs can be downloaded within a few minutes.

Besides all these features you can also share your videos directly on Twitter or Facebook. You can also email people from within the tool to invite them for collaboration in the design you’re working on.


  1. You can get access to thousands of templates and images through this tool
  2. It is an easy to use design tool allowing to create a variety of graphics.
  3. Canva lets you merge with  a lot of third-party sites
  4. It makes it affordable to create quality social media graphics.

10. Affable –


Affable is a marketing tool to identify and find influencers through Artificial Intelligence. This tool helps you to bring insights and intelligence to the manual process of an influencer engagement.


  • Helps you to search for influencers on social media.
  • Helps in finding content that is related to your product.
  • Helps to create content that can be shared on multiple platforms.


  1. It helps to identify influencers through the AI‘s software. 
  2. It helps you to connect with  influencers who mostly interact with current customers.
  3. You can check  influencer’s audience demographics.
  4. It guides you to look for an influencer in different social media platforms
  5.  It reminds you when to post and how your profile is performing.

11. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a tool used for my content marketing and SEO campaigns. It’s a tool that helps businesses to hit your KPIs quicker and easier. This tool guides you in identifying viral topic ideas, analyzing your competitors, and more.


  • Analyze the content to gain insights into what is working and what is not.
  • It finds common keywords that bring traffic to your content.
  • See what’s trending now and finding some popular topics.
  • Check out which companies have backlinks to your company.
  • It helps you to look for social media influencers to expand your products.


  1. It helps you to learn what content works best for different topics and competitors
  2. It can be used to get content insights, find and understand influencers, and do a competitors analysis
  3. It improves your content and overall marketing strategy
  4. It helps to produce relevant content to business
  5. It informs what sources and channels your competitors are utilizing to engage their target audience.

12. OneUp –


OneUp tool allows a user to manage and schedule your social media and Google My Business posts. OneUp is one of the only social media scheduling tools that allow scheduling Twitter threads.


  • Helps to recycle and reupload old posts on social media.
  •  Automated scheduling by linking with all your social media accounts.
  • You can schedule your post according to your given date and time.
  • It provides complete review analytics to track the progress of any post.


  1.  It helps in sharing, scheduling, and promoting social media posts to the business’s potential customers.
  2. Helps to recycle old posts.
  3. Helps reach out to followers by providing them with high-quality content, videos, and images.

13. Social Bakers –

Social Bakers

Socialbakers is a tool to manage all your social media profiles in a simple way.  With this tool, you can measure, compare the success of all your campaigns to get the best result and improve your performance.


  • Save time by allowing all social media platforms to be managed from a single dashboard.
  • Day to day reports on your overall social media performance.


  1. This tool allows users to boost content engagement across all channels.
  2.  It allows brands to measure, compare the success of their social media campaigns
  3. It manages all marketing tasks in one place. 
  4. Beneficial for community management and scheduling posts.

14. AgoraPulse –


Agorapulse is a social media tool that offers scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of your posts on social media.

This tool is your one-stop dashboard for your overall social media management.

This tool is a very easy-to-use and perfect social media marketing tool to manage all your social media profiles.


  • Helps you to schedule videos in advance to go live on Facebook.
  • Help users to react to the video once it is live.
  • The video remains on the page even after initial broadcast on social media.


  1. This tool offers scheduling, engagement, monitoring, and reporting.
  2.  It allows you to increase audience engagement
  3. It is the  one-stop dashboard for social media management
  4. Agorapulse allows users to publish content, schedule posts, and share photos on social media.
  5. AgoraPulse allows users to look for mentions, commentaries, and even the content or post being shared on social media.

15. HootSuite –


Hootsuite monitors, and keeps track of multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard.  Besides this, Hootsuite allows users to schedule and post on multiple social media platforms from a dashboard.


  • Schedules 100’s of posts at once.
  • Secure all your passwords and login information.
  • Helps to organize and save all your content in the cloud.
  • A single dashboard for scheduling and finding content.


  1. This tool manages many different social networks in one place.
  2.  It allows you to schedule messages on your social media platforms in advance.
  3. It gives you an in-depth view of how well your social media strategy is working
  4. This tool manages Customer Service on Social Media Efficiently
  5. This tool gives you free reports by Email.


There are so many social media tools and when you understand what you seek from your social media marketing tool, then the decisions become easier.

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