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  • Articles should be at least 800+ words long and cover the topic in detail.
  • Write an original piece of content (0% Plagiarism) to ensure your post is published.
  • We adhere to ethical blogging standards, hence we don’t allow keyword stuffing, which is utterly unrelated and product-specific.
  • Backlinks are very important factor in behalf of SEO, as we all know. The good news is that we accept outbound links, and you can place your link in the middle of a post, but it should look natural with the rest of the text. Please don’t submit a guest post just for the purpose of gaining backlinks.
  • Please keep in mind that do-follow and no-follow links can only be used following an editorial evaluation. We cannot guarantee do-follow links; but, if the backlink is related to the content, we will allow 1 do-follow link; otherwise, a no-follow link will be used.
  • Content is only published after it has been reviewed (Our editorial team reviews it). It will be published within 3-5 business days if it is accepted.
  • We take into account the original work. If we discover plagiarism in your post, we will immediately ban you and remove all of your blog content from LeadMuster. By submitting a post to LeadMuster, you also grant us copyright ownership of the content. It assists us in dealing with DMCA concerns that may emerge as a result of Copyright Infringement.

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If your article does not appear on the LeadMuster blog section within five business days after submission, it signifies your blog does not satisfy our guidelines; So, you are free to use the material elsewhere.